We all know that taking the family on holiday can be quite stressful, and it pays to find some ways to make it a little less so. The truth is that most of the stress arises from a lack of proper planning, coupled with the possibility of actually ending up in a poor location. Specific destinations are more conducive to family holidaying than others, and it’s a good idea to get a good sense of which is which. In this post, we are going to take a look at what are some of the easiest and most stress-free destinations for you to take your family on holiday to. Consider these for a much easier time abroad with everyone.


If you and your family are known to enjoy a little time in the sun, then you could do much worse than visit Italy in the coming year. This is a favourite destination for many people, and has long been, and that is only aided by the fact that it happens to be particularly easy to travel around. If you are keen on train travel, this is one of the best places for it, with costs that are bound to delight you. What’s more, there are plenty of places to see in this amazing country, and many of them will be particularly enjoyable as a family unit.

Some of the best and biggest sights of Italy are also some of the most fascinating for children – and many of them have a real, genuine educational bent on them too. You might choose to visit the ancient ruins of the city of Pompeii, for example, home to the famous Vesuvian casts of the people who once lived there. This is sure to delight and amaze all of your family, and you are bound to spend many hours getting lost in this beautiful setting.

It’s not the only location in Italy which is an educational treat, either. No visit to Italy would be complete without visiting the capital, Rome, which is arguably one of the very finest historic sites in the world. You can’t go far in Rome without seeing some of the oldest ruins in the world, and any trip to the Vatican or the Coliseum is going to be an incredible experience for you and your children. Another piece of good news about Rome is that your children will be able to enjoy literally the best ice cream in the world – not bad at all!

If you are looking for an easy and enjoyable time with your family abroad, then Italy is a great choice, complete as it is with so much for both you and your children. However, it’s not the only such destination, and we don’t have to go very far afield from Italy to find another amazing spot for you to take your family pretty easily.


Spain is arguably the single most popular European destination, and not without good reason. If you are looking for somewhere that has a little of everything for the whole family, you can do much worse than take them to Spain. This is a country which has so many visitors that it makes it one of the easiest places to visit in the world, especially if you are just hopping across from the UK. But what exactly should you do there in order to really make the most of this incredible and handy location that is practically on your doorstep?

We all know that taking the family on holiday can be quite stressful, and it pays to find the easiest destinations for your next family holiday

As it happens, there is plenty to keep you and your entire family perfectly busy throughout the stay. If you want to give your children some kind of an educational trip, you could consider taking them to see Barcelona with its many glorious examples of historic Spanish architecture. This astounding city is also home to some of the finest art galleries and museums in the world, so you know that you will be giving your children a real feast for the mind. Of course, that’s not your only choice if you want everyone to enjoy the trip as much as possible.

Another fantastic way to make the most of Spain is to go the opposite direction, and simply try to relax as much as possible. This is clearly beneficial for the whole family too, and it is so easy to do this in Spain that you will wonder why you don’t go more often. There are countless glorious villas in Spain for you to choose between, and if you want to just stay on the beach and relax then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, this is often the best thing for a family trip abroad, and nowhere does it with quite the same style as glorious Spain.

However you visit Spain, it’s a top spot for your family to really get away from it all and enjoy yourself as fully as possible. It’s the kind of destination that you will probably want to return to time and again.


Perhaps you are looking to delight your family by taking them somewhere a little different this year. If that sounds up your street, then you might find a fantastic kind of holiday in the wonderful country of Finland. This is a fantastic option if you are looking to experience something a little different, and particularly if you and your kids don’t mind being just a little bit cold!

We all know that taking the family on holiday can be quite stressful, and it pays to find the easiest destinations for your next family holiday

There is plenty to do in Finland which makes it a great, easy spot for families, and as it happens Christmas time is probably the best time to go. You can, for example, take your children to visit the real Lapland, home to Santa, and this alone can often be cause for huge celebration among your family. With plenty of snow and reindeer around, this is sure to be an amazing trip which will keep your children plenty excited. Just make sure that you wrap up warm, and make the most of that hot chocolate!

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We all know that taking the family on holiday can be quite stressful, and it pays to find the easiest destinations for your next family holiday



  1. Our kids love Italy, we travelled extensively with them – Rome, Amalfi Coast, Liguria, Procida, Ischia etc – here’s a recent article we published on our picks for best of Italy the the sea: https://zenbabytravel.com/2017/10/21/best-of-italy-by-the-sea-7-picks-with-kids-or-without/ . Fully agreed on Spain also being easy and charming, Ibiza and Menorca are 2 favourites of ours, wrote about both this year as well 😉 Finland, we still need to go – so thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Italy is beautiful, unfortunately it rained most of the time we were there and there so a lot of flooding, so we were stuck in the apartment a lot. I would love to go back in a couple of years and hopefully we will have a drier holiday, where we get to explore the parks and things next time. Finland is on our list of places that we want to visit, we have been talking about going next winter.

  3. Oh wow! Finland is a GREAT shout – I’d love to visit somewhere so different. And I absolutely loved Rome – even though everyone except me in our group came down with a nasty bug! Looking forward to travelling more as a family.

  4. Great places! We are off to Italy between Christmas and New Years. Would love to visit Finland x

  5. We are just planning a trip to Italy next year and your post has made me a little bit excited!! some great destinations here! Finland is on my bucket list 🙂

  6. I am off to Italy {Rome} this weekend and was in Spain {Barcelona} last month, I am yet to visit Finland which is next on my list.

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