Not everything these days is about money – and the more that you can look around for products to help you design the interior of your home, the more that you will be saving. It’s nice to splurge sometimes on things that really pique our interest, but for the most part, what we are shelling out for can be made by us just as easily for a fraction of the price. So where do we start?

Not Everything Is Waste – Start Reclaiming

There’s a lot of stuff that we’re throwing into the trash without a second thought about how to upcycle it. Sites such as Pinterest are a haven for finding out what you can do with stuff that’s all around us – wood, metal, and even plastic can be reclaimed and turned into something fantastic. Old wooden sleepers can be used both inside the home and outside, too – either use them to bed in plants or have it as a mantelpiece for a fireplace. That’s just one of many ideas. If you’re having trouble transporting, using Shiply or other local transportation service can get this problem sorted for you. There shouldn’t be any excuse as to why you can’t turn something old or used into something fantastic when you put your mind to it, especially as there are so many tutorials online which are leading the way for you.

Take Inspiration From Different Periods

If you can’t think of a set theme to stick to, then the answer is simple – don’t stick to a theme. You can mix and match different periods for an eclectic and unique vibe to your home. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from other places; it’s hard to try to invent a new style or look, especially when you are upcycling. Sticking with what you know is a safe place to start from, and then you can expand from there. If something doesn’t fit in with how everything else looks, don’t panic; anything can fit in if you style around it, and it’s only your imagination which is limiting you. Style constantly changes over time, so if you’re happy with what you see, be confident in its appearance and stand by it.

A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

A lot of people don’t rely on reclaiming old items, or even buying in new – instead, they work with what they’ve got. Going over what’s already in your house with a lick of paint can really help to bring your interior alive. Even if you’re repainting the same colour, it can be all your furniture needs to brighten up the room. We’re moving out of the shabby chic area, but not too far away from it; the focus isn’t so much on the pastel paints anymore, but bold and neon colours with hints of metallic. Thankfully, all such paints are available from any good hardware store, although more niche styles may have to be sought online. Don’t be afraid to paint more than one colour – the sky’s the limit!

In conclusion, be confident enough to experiment with what’s around you. With so much information available to us about how to put our wildest ideas into practice in terms of upcycling, you have all the backup you need.

*Collaborative Post

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