The leaves are falling from the trees, the temperature is dropping rapidly, and we’re beginning to see frost in the early mornings. This can all mean only one thing: winter is well on its way. So, rather than waiting for the cold to hit and complaining about it, why not prepare your home in advance? Instead of shivering, ramping the heating up, and layering up with jumpers, hats and scarves, why not ensure that your home will be warm and comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions? Here are a few ideas of areas to focus on.

Underfloor Heating

Now, underfloor heating may well seem like a novelty, but it truly is a luxury that is worth every single penny. Most of us flinch at the thought of stepping out of bed onto the cold, hard floor. We will spend time searching for slippers rather than facing the cold bite of the kitchen tiles as we dash to get our fix of morning coffee. Underfloor heating puts these gripes to rest. So, call someone in to give you a free quote, and enquire about the installation services available to you. Consider it an investment that will come into good use for several months of each and every year.

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We spend time and cash heating up our homes from the inside. So it’s surprising the number of people who completely neglect the insulation of their property – their investment is literally going through the roof! The key areas that you need to focus on are windows and roofing. Why? Well, glass lets heat out easily, and heat rises, so will escape from the top of a building where possible. Make sure that windows are double glazed and your roof has thick, reliable lining. If you have a conservatory or extension with glass walls, ensure that these are double glazed too. You can also consider a tiled roof for this home renovation, which will keep even more heat in.

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Small accessories can actually really help to keep heat where you want it. Draft excluders can be placed along the bottom of doors when you know that you’ll be in a given room for an extended period of time – perhaps when you are going to bed or will be watching television for a while. There are plenty of attractive designs available, meaning you will be able to find something out there that will match the aesthetic of the room. Thick curtains can help to prevent heat escaping from windows. A brush inside your letterbox will stop wind coming in, and chimney balloons can be placed up disused fireplaces to stop heat from escaping through your chimney. You should also ensure that the space around your radiators is clear. Items blocking the radiators will prevent the circulation of heat around the room. Wherever there’s a problem, there’s some form of a solution.

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If you follow these steps, then your home will be all the warmer for your efforts. No more shivering and layering up in uncomfortable layers!

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