A few weeks ago we wanted to go and explore somewhere new, but we wanted to go somewhere quiet. Just a peaceful walk, without worrying about the kids and the dog annoying anyone else! So we picked a spot on the map and went to explore.

Langley Woods is on the way to Salisbury from the South, but is not the easiest to find! We took a couple of wrong turns, and looked like we were driving right into the woods, and then someones house! However when we did find a little pull in section off the road, we parked up there and off into the woods we went. There was no one around!

However it wasn’t quite what we expected, there was a sign saying that there is deer shooting through the months of 1st August and 30th April!! That we should keep to the marked paths, and dogs on the lead. OK!! So the kids were then worried we were going to get shot if they dared to take a step off the path, and the dog wasn’t allowed to run happily like we wanted to!!

However it didn’t stop us, we carried on and had a explore….just sticking to around the paths and Gus on the lead!

It was so nice to let the kids climb the tress, step through the squishy mud, and make the most of the space.

Sofia made the most of being able to make grass trumpets, and whistle her way though the woods. When it is busy around her, I have to stop her as she has all the dogs coming for her when she whistles!!

We had time to look at funny looking tress, find bugs and chat. Talk about Fungi, or Funguy as Kev has got the kids to call it!!

There are so many paths to take, we made it very simple on this walk and stuck to straight ahead! However you could walk for miles through Langley Woods.

We had a lovely peaceful walk, and I would go back….but just not in deer shooting time!!!

We had a really peaceful family walk at Langley Woods, great for tree climbing and exploring lots of footpaths.

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  1. what a lovely landscape. UK is unique in woods and natural environments. Near home we have Peak District too x

  2. I have not heard of Langley Woods and I don’t live far from here. Will have to check them out

  3. My kind of mini adventure, and my five year old would utterly love this. Although rather daunting seeing the warning sign, glad you didn’t experience any deer running for their life and men with guns!!

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