Home is where the heart is, it’s the place we feel our most relaxed and comfortable and is a place to spend time with those who matter. Our houses are generally the biggest purchases we ever make too, and so utilising all of the space and making the most of it is so important. Unless you’re living in a mansion chances are you won’t be able to include all of these things, but if you have a spare room or some extra space in the home, here are a few of the ways you could go about making the most of it.

A Playroom or Teenage Hangout

The family room can be a hectic place, when you have kids running under your feet, teenagers moping around with their friends and everything else it doesn’t make for a very relaxing environment. One thing you can do to make life easier is create a room, especially for your kids. If you have younger children, this could be a table for homework, board games and colouring. Bean bags, shelves of books and boxes of toys are sure to keep them and their friends entertained. For teenagers, you could go with comfy sofas, games consoles and something like a mini pool table, football table or ping pong table which will get them socialising with friends. This could be set up in a basement, in a conservatory or even in a garden room. These can be fully insulated so you get peace from noisy kids or teens! Perhaps you had a spare room that was once used as a baby’s nursery but your kids how have separate rooms and that is left spare. Make the most of it and transform it into a room that will be used!

An Extra Bathroom

Having an extra bathroom at home can make life so much easier.  It means less hassle in the morning as all of the family waits their turn to get washed up, showered and ready and can add value to your home too. If you have a large master bedroom you could consider adding an en suite, or you could add one downstairs such as in a hallway or even in the space underneath the stairs. If you’re having an attic or loft converted, these rooms could have bathrooms installed too. Browse a bathroom company like Drench to see what kinds of styles you like the look of. If it’s a tiny en-suite for example, something like a shower rather than a bath is likely to save you room. If you have a bigger space, you could go with a jacuzzi bath or double shower.

A Pool

If you have a large garden and a bigger budget, a pool could be a fabulous addition to your family home. It’s a great place to relax outside together when the weather is warm, and a nice way to get in some low impact exercise too. Plus kids can invite their friends over and have pool parties and have a great time splashing around. You could make it extra fun by buying some inflatables putting on some music for them when it’s a nice day.  While a pool will be expensive, it can add significant value to your home. If you have a lot of outdoor space which isn’t being used to it’s best potential, this could be something to consider. You could even go with a pool with a hot tub attached, and have water fountains, lights and other extras added. 

A Pantry

A pantry is something that every home needs. It can help you to save money since you always have the means to create a tasty meal without the need for fresh ingredients. So if you’re in between grocery shops you don’t have to order an expensive and unhealthy takeaway and can make something yourself instead. Dried grains like rice, couscous, quinoa and pasta with tinned vegetables, jars of sauces and lots of herbs and spices give you tonnes of variations. If you already have a pantry in your kitchen you’re good to go, otherwise you could have one built in if there’s space. If not, a downstairs coat cupboard could be transformed into a pantry. Line the sides with shelves to make the most of the space, and store everything in glass or plastic containers to keep it fresh and keep out pests. You can buy label makers cheaply online so you can label everything with what’s inside and what the use by date is.

Home Office

If you work from home, perhaps as a freelancer, blogger or run your own business, then a good home office is essential. This means you have a separate working environment where you can go to get stuff done, and helps separate work from home. At the end of each day when you’re finished working, you can close the door and be done  with it helping you to maintain a good work/ life balance. It gives you a space where you can keep work documents separate and organised, invest in a filing cabinet for paperwork and good storage for things like stock or materials. It prevents your work and home life blending together and allows you to stay as productive and organised as possible.

Are you looking for a space that you can become more organised in your home office. I have put together a cheap office noticeboard, that is quick and easy to make office noticeboard. With white and gold home office accessories, and free print out motivational quotes. This is a great home office noticeboard that will help you stay organised.

Home Gym

Whether you’re a fitness buff or just like to stay as active as you can, a home gym is a good way to transform a spare room. One benefit to this is privacy, when you’re new to working out, the gym can seem a daunting for most of us due to being surrounded by body beautiful individuals who seem to know exactly what they’re doing. If you’re insecure or have just never been to the gym, this can be enough to put you off, so setting up your own home gym instead allows you to work out in in privacy without having to feel like you’re being looked at or stand out. Gyms can get very busy at peaks times is isn’t a very relaxing environment for your workout. So if you want to exercise but know your local gym will be packed you could use your home equipment instead. Decide on which equipment would suit you best, go with things you enjoy using. You don’t have to get everything, maybe one good quality piece such as a treadmill, cross trainer, rowing machine or exercise bike. From there you can get a weights bench and things like resistance bands and vests to boost your workout. You could mount a tv on the wall and follow along to exercise DVDs or Youtube videos.

Guest Bedroom

When you have a guest bedroom at home, it means that friends and family can stay over and it’s easy to entertain loved ones. If you have people in your life that live a fair distance away (or you’re the one that’s out in the sticks) a guest room makes it much easier for people to visit you. You can go as simple or fancy as you like, but keep comfort in mind. Forget the cheap bed, air mattress or camp bed- spend a little extra on a memory foam mattress will suit most people. These offer the most support, and as a bonus, they also alleviate allergies so are a good choice for guest rooms. Don’t forget a wardrobe and some drawers so that your guests can put their things away without having to live out of a suitcase. If you decorate in a light, neutral colour it will make the space feel bigger and bright, simple hotel room decor works well. That way it will appeal to everyone, and your guests will have the most comfortable stay.

Beauty Room/ Walk in Wardrobe

Most women have dreamed about having their own beauty room or walk-in wardrobe at one time or another. Can you think of anything more lovely and luxurious than having a place to put all of your clothes, makeup, perfume, shoes, bags, scarves, jewellery and other girly bits and pieces? It’s a space you can sit down each morning and get dressed and have everything organised ready to use. You could have some built-in wardrobes installed around the edge of the room which would give you loads of storage and hanging space.  There are lots of people who have successfully created rooms like this on Youtube so check out some tours for ideas.

Have a think about the kinds of spaces or rooms your home would most benefit from and go from there. You could use a spare bedroom, convert the attic or basement. You could have an extension built, a conservatory or a garden room. Either way, adding an extra room that will be well loved and used by your family is a worthwhile investment.

Which of these upgrades would you most like to have in your home? Have you recently renovated a room and if so, what purpose did you do it for?

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  1. Ooh I would love a walk-in pantry and a good size home office – both of those things would be amazing, as would a pool 🙂

    Laura x

  2. My boy would go mad for a pool as he loves being in the water. I really want to sort out a home office for myself. I’m currently working out of our living room or guest bedroom. Great ideas here.

  3. I have a couple of these features in my house, and I agree that a guest room, a play room, and a home office are wonderful upgrades! Our playroom is worth every penny to keep the toys organized and give the kids their own space!

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