So next on the list of rooms to renovate is my twin girls bedroom, this is where I can get all girly and pretty!

This is how it was before we moved in, everything is the same apart from all their furniture and toys EVERYWHERE!!!

20120908_120754      20120908_120817

It is a lot lighter in there now as we have removed the huge tree right outside the window.

When doing a bedroom renovation fir st off is to choose the colour scheme, I have been searching and searching for ideas.

My favourite place for getting ideas is Pinterest it is a great tool for pinning all your ideas onto virtual mood boards for any renovations. I tend to pick out things that I like from lots of different pictures to build up what I want in our house and make up my own mood board. Some things I love I sadly don’t have the space for or it just wouldn’t work in our house.

I need a mansion to renovate for all the things I have seen on Pinterest!!

The colour scheme of the girls bedroom renovation was defined by finding a bargain bunk bed in Ikea! I do love a bargain and when I saw this bunk bed reduced from £210 to £99 and EVEN though it was black I couldn’t say no!!!


The plan was a bright white bedroom, with white furniture and pink, green and orange colour scheme!

Well black furniture was not going to go well with that colour scheme. So as we wandered around Ikea making sure I was doing the right thing and fighting with myself that it was such a good bargain, the girls loved it and were very excited about a bunk bed. Then we came across a room set up in there.

The girls went running over to this little girls bedroom set up, with pink walls, their black bunk bed, desks with little lights on and spinning chairs they were sold!!

‘We want this bedroom Mummy’ as their running around touching everything and opening every cupboard door!


So the bunk bed was bought and now I could start putting together my ideas!

GREY, BLACK AND LIGHT PINK colour scheme was set!

What do I do, grey walls and pink accessories? or pink wall and grey accessories? I have seen so many girly things to make or buy that are pink and pink things are much easier to find.

Also as they grow up they may grow out of pink, so if I had the pink accessories I can change the colour scheme easily but changing the accessories.

Off to buy the paint samples!


I first off tried to find a really light dusty pink as I thought this might work, I really recommend getting paint samples first as the Orchid and Tutu looked A LOT  lighter on the sample in the book and in the pot! Marshmallow looked pink but it came out lilac!

I made my decision when I found this picture on Pinterest


Grey on the wall and pink accessories was the best choice

I think even with black furniture this still will work nicely as long as it is lightened up a light grey on the walls and dusty pink rather than hot pink.

Out of the paint samples above we are going to go for ‘Dulux Polished Pebble’

We have a black desk top that will fit in a gap behind the door easily and I am going to make a little pouf chair for them both. I haven’t decided between these 3 ideas yet.


Little lamp choices for the desk, I cannot decide if to go for a pretty lamp style or a proper desk style light


I have these mirror packs from Ikea that I am going to put on the wall behind the desk so they can use it as a dressing table as well.


They have a cupboard in their room which is currently filled with useless stuff and a couple of rails for hanging, I would love it to end up looking like this!! That would satisfy my organisation bug!


We are going to make some steps for the bunk bed though to make it easier for them to get up and down, also we can use it for toy storage to clear up the floor area.


Here are some other things I have seen that I want to add in

extras2 extras


* All my pictures, products and ideas can be found on my pinterest or from the source I have mentioned they came from



  1. Wow Steph, you have some great plans and I love the colour scheme. I have 2 girls aged 7 and 10 so we’ve had our fair share of pink here. I think you’re right to keep it an accessory, too much pink can be overwhelming after a while!
    With your carpet, why not keep it neutral, that way when you change the room colour scheme, you won’t need to change the carpet. We have neutral, hardwearing carpets throughout the house. You can always add colourful rugs?

    • Yes I was thinking neutral, safe choice! I saw a dusty plum colour carpet today but thought is that adding another colour into the room?

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