Spring has arrived in our garden

When we moved to our house, it was really overgrown and there was lots of hidden plants and flowers.

We have since given it a little cut back and clear, as much as I loved the mass of plants it was really tricky to keep it under control and manageable for us.

So with the sun shining I was able to get outside and have a play with the camera.

I wanted to put it into MANUAL mode!! Shock horror!

I want to start learning how to use my camera, I just put it on auto and point and shoot normally. Sometimes it turns out ok sometimes they are rubbish!

So the garden was a great opportunity for me to practising without anyone looking at the rubbish ones!

So any tips you can give me will be gratefully received…….

A white/cream camellia, apparently these are rarer than the normal coloured ones


This clematis was over an arch on the patio when we moved here but we needed to move it,

so last year we chopped it right down and moved it and it has flowered this year!!


The acers in our garden are lovely, it means a lot to hubby as they were his dad’s favourite plant

greenacer       acer

I don’t know what this is?!!


We have loads of these forget me knots, but I think they are really sweet


A hydrangea starting to grow


Poor little tulip!


Not sure what this is either! It grows like mad and smells of lemon when you cut it!


So how did I do with my photo skills??

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