The great thing about blogging is being able to look back over the year and see what you got up to, and my kids are going to be able to read all the things we did when they are older.

However it is nice just to have a little look at what we did in 2015.



It saw me starting the Project 365 photo a day, well I completed it and I have just ordered my photobook which has every picture of the year. I also have included my Me and Mine family project in it for the start of each month. I am really proud that I completed it.

This was my last photo of the year, on New Years Eve!


We also visited Rusty, our Hearing Dog for the Deaf puppy, he had completed all of his soundwork and was ready to go to his recipient. We were invited along to see him working, it was a very proud moment and I couldn’t help but smile the whole time!



We got back into decorating and decided that my sons bedroom needed changing and sorting out. It is a very small room and needed some very clever storage and thinking. He loves his new bedroom and it works so much better for him.


I was invited along to my first proper bloggers event, it involved me going to London on my own and visiting the Shard! I was soooo excited but also soooo nervous, however I did it and loved it. It was a great event and amazing going up into the Shard.



We had a new bed delivered! This finished off our bedroom and gave us a beautiful new bed to sleep on, it is amazing! Makes such a difference having a decent bed to sleep on.


We got invited to Chessington for a bloggers event, I had never been to one of these before with the kids but they had the most amazing day. Massive hotel breakfast, shows and a day around Chessington, they were so happy!



The puppy Rusty who we socialised for 14 months came to visit us for the day, we were beyond excited! This is such a lovely moment to have as we got to see him again but also meet his wonderful recipient who has been so wonderful in letting us know how he is  getting on but who went the extra mile and came to visit us. The kids were so happy to see him again.


April was full of lovely walks, nicest one was in Alresford, which we did a couple of times with friends.



This month was full, with the girls birthday, family birthdays, school holidays and then finished off with a holiday to Devon.

I created my first every video of our day out to Haven Church Farm, this gave me the vlogging bug and I created one from our day out on holiday to Rosemoor too!



In June we took the children to our first festival, this was a local one and was a warm up to our Camp Bestival visit!

portsmouth-1 portsmouth-12


It was Tylers 11th Birthday, we had a ‘grown up’ night and went off to Lets Race F1 driving experience which was great fun!


Then it was the start of the school holidays! I thought I would vlog it, as I am sure it would be one of the last ones where Tyler was with us a lot of the time. I am glad we did! The kids love watching them back and it does make it all worth it.


August was super fun! It was the school holidays so I didn’t blog much but I did vlog it still, we had a week which was filled with illness but then we went to Camp Bestival! How much fun was it there! However we want to go again this year but we are going to try to plan our day visit better, we didn’t get to do everything we wanted and struggled to fit everything in.


Then we had our Centre Parcs holiday! How much fun is it there!!



A emotional month, we had a death in the family which hit us quite hard. Also my son started secondary school. He’s really enjoying it, made new friends and enjoys most of his subjects. I am very proud of him for dealing so well with it.



I was given a voucher for an afternoon tea at Houghton Lodge, this was a lovely day out with hubby and we enjoyed some peace and quiet!

Had a crazy busy but fun day at the Lego Friends event, a few hours playing at Legoland and then a great party for the kids, super fun!


Then spent ages getting ready for Halloween!



The weather didn’t quite know what it was doing this year, it was quite warm which meant some lovely walks along the beach at Lee On Solent.

We had great fun at some firework events but the highlight of November for us was Bridgwater Carnival, the floats in the evening was amazing and a sight to be seen!



The run up to Christmas, when everyone has so much on and kids get so excited come Christmas they are all shattered and crash and burn! That summed up our December!

Visited family and had some lovely days shopping with hubby, yes my hubby happily shopped for 3 hours solid!

Tyler started it off by having a great time learning to drive a car at the age of 11!


We visited Santa and had fun in a giant snow globe!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us!


I hope you all have a wonderful 2016, fun filled and happy.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic year! Rusty is just gorgeous, you must have really missed him when he went to his new recipient?
    Love the family pictures, you all look so happy.
    Happy New Year! All the best for 2016 🙂

    • We missed him lots and lots but super proud of him which makes it so much easier. We had a new little Hearing Dog puppy to keep us busy though, Berkley!

  2. It looks like you had a great year with Camp Bestival and your son starting secondary school Sorry to hear of the death of a family member, my father-in-law passed away this year and it was hard on my mother-in-law.
    Hope you have a great 2016

  3. Oh my, reading about Rusty gave me the warm fuzzies. You must be so, so proud of him!

    What a brilliant year.

    Wishing you a fab 2016. xx

    • We were so super proud of him, he is such a clever boy and change her life. Amazing what a dog can do!

  4. such a busy year – some lovely photos too. love the one on the beach with the beach hut, stunning. all the best for 2016 x

    • Thank you, they were pretend wooden ones on a giant sandpit! Great colours though, the kids loved it!

  5. That snow globe looks amazing, I’d love to go in something like that, I’m such a big kid! I loved reading about your hearing puppy too, what a wonderful thing to do and you must have been so happy to see him. I’m seriously tempted by Bestival this year so I’ll be checking out your post about it at some point 🙂

    • We had great fun! I am not brave enough to camp over for the weekend with 3 kids but I am so going back for a day visit!

  6. So sorry to hear about the death of a loved one. I lost my Nan in August so can understand how hard it hits you. Apart from that I am glad you had a fab year! I hope 2016 is just as fab for you all.

    Laura x x x

  7. Such a lovely year – Rusty <33
    We went in one of those snow globes too – that was fun!

  8. Oh wow, what an amazing year you had. It sounds wonderful. And I love all your photographs. I think it is lovely that you have managed to see the little puppy Rusty. It must be so nice that the recipient keeps in contact with you and came to visit. Rusty is a cutie too and your kids obviously adore him. Happy New Year and I hope that 2016 is a wonderful year for you. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  9. Wow you’ve done so much! I love the idea of a photo every day. The photo book must be so precious. Well done on that effort!

  10. We love Camp Bestival but it is not something that you can really experience in just one day. Looks like you have had an amazing year and I am very envious of your shard visit.

    • Yeah we found out you can’t do it in one day! So much there isn’t there, however we don’t have a tent and would cost so much for us to hire one of their ones for 5 people so just sticking with the day visit this year. The Shard visit was amazing! You must visit one day.

  11. Sounds like overall it was a great year. Lucky going to all those events, damn work getting in the way of blogging events! All the best for 2016

  12. You really had such a lively year! And you’ve documented it beautifully. I wish a had taken part in project 365, I bet your photo book is amazing xx

  13. Well done Rusty! That bed setup in your sons rooms is pretty nifty! As is the snow globe, would love to visit one of those myself!

    Thank you for sharing your year with my link up, I’m looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for you all!

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