After completing my Project 365 last year, which involved successfully taking and uploading 365 photos throughout the year. It was such a achievement for me!

I was unsure if to take it on again this year, but after I created my photobook with all the pictures in and also adding in my Me and Mine monthly photos to mark the start of the month, I knew that it was such a special book to have.

So here I am again!

Project 366 (leap year!) is a photography project which involves me taking a photo a day. It is a little memory of that day, a moment of our little life that we can look back at and remember that day. It may not be exciting, it may not be a great photo but it is our life!

At the end of the year I am going to create a photobook of all my photos, a great big yearly memory book for us.



  • So much rain, but it meant a great day for puddle jumping!
  • Lily is such a girly girl and loves dressing up
  • Berkley doesn’t understand why his garden is like the sea!
  • Ordered our new kitchen
  • completely cleared, cleaned and emptied the twins bedroom, I was so sore.
  • A washing machine and dishwasher delivered today!
  • My friend got me these gloves, the twins love holding my hand a look at the little animals on them
  • Yum, breakfast and catch up with my friend
  • A visit to the wedding florist and cake with my friend today.

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  1. Sounds like you are getting very sorted and organise! I need to do the same! Happy New Year!

  2. I’m liking your food photos – the breakfast especially! I’m a little envious of your new kitchen – that I am desperate for!

  3. A new washing machine and dishwasher………..i dream of those things (and cake of course)

  4. wow! you did the whole project 365. I remembered buying the album to do the photos of my son when he was younger and never quite achieved it. good luck with project 366.

  5. A new kitchen, how exciting. Hope you’re going to post the progress.
    Welcome back for another year!

  6. LOVE the puddle jumping pic, and well done on sorting the bedroom, its on my to do list for all of the children’s bedrooms, slightly jealous of the new kitchen which is also on my list!

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