You know when you drive through somewhere so many times, you think you must know it like the back of your hand? Of course you haven’t driven past somewhere so many times, and never noticed it! Well that’s Pepperbox Hill for us!

My husband use to live in Wiltshire, and me in Hampshire, so we have driven up the A36 many many time. We have never ever noticed the little track up the hill to Pepperbox Hill, and we have never even noticed the sign!

So a couple of weeks ago we wanted to pop out for a walk, however we wanted somewhere quiet, not many people, and where we could have a picnic. We checked out The National Trust website to see what was local, and spotted Pepperbox Hill. Never been there before, it gave us a destination to head to.

We followed the directions, and still doubted we would find this place. There it was, up this tiny little lane, and a very step hill, we arrived at Pepperbox Hill.

We were greeted by some really cute cows that had not long arrived here. They had their calves with them, and were quite happy with us entering their field.

Look at this view, you can see for miles, and just about see Salisbury Cathedral. We stopped here for our picnic, enjoyed the view, and the peace. Not a person in sight.

We carried on and followed the path through the fields, and along the muddy paths. It was the start of the lovely weather, and it was a perfect place for a weekend walk.

I have a love for rapeseed oil fields, I think they are just stunning and I love the pictures it gets. We had trouble last year finding one we could gain access too, but this year we made it! Lily was so pleased with herself for finding the path into this field for Mummy.

With my pictures done, and one happy Mummy we carried on along the path. I don’t have a clue where this path went, but we just casually walked along, and playing on all the things we could find.

Pepperbox Hill is a lovely place to have a wander. It isn’t very big, although I am sure the paths went further on than we went. However we just wanted a nice place to spend some time together, and a nice couple of hours was had by all.


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  1. WOW those views are stunning! I want to get a picture of the boys in the rape seed fields this isn’t that far from us. Goegeous Pictures #CountryKids

    • Oh this is a perfect place to go for them, it is really quiet so no one bothering you!

  2. The views are stunning! I love yellow fields too, and they are now about to only just start flowering here!! #countrykidsfun

  3. I must say the views and the weather look like they make this walk very special. What a treat to have the area to yourself and such a pretty path up through the rape seed field. Some gorgeous photos of a happy family afternoon.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • The sun made it perfect! Wouldn’t have been so pretty in the rain would it! Thanks Fiona

  4. That looks like a beautiful place to visit, I think its name sold me from the start

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