We love a good family board game, nothing beats a some family fun, and listening to the kids argue over the rules between themselves (I’m sure it’s not just mine that do that?!) 

I’ve heard of the game Pass The Pigs, but we’ve never played it. My friend came over and spotted it sat on the table and said ‘Oh I loved playing this game’ so it must have been around a while!!! She then spotted the new version of Pass The Pigs and shouted out ‘Oh WOW they now do Giant Pass The Pigs’! I think I’m going to have to get the game out to play next time she comes over! 

So we’ve been playing with both sets of Pass The Pigs, and the original  set is great to carry in a bag, as it comes in a great travel case. We even took it on holiday with us.

If your like me and have been hidden under a rock somewhere when it comes to this game, and haven’t played Pass The Pigs before then here is a quick run down of the game. You roll the two pigs like a pair of dice, and see what position they land. Will they land in ‘Sider’ ‘Razorback’ or the ‘Rumper’ . Each position has a point, which you need to write down.  

Then the race is on to be the first one in your group to get to 100 points! Such a simple game, but a really fun game for any age family member. 

Pass The Pigs have released a fun inflatable version of the game, with 2 giant sizes pigs that you can blow up to play. These went down really well with my kids, and loved playing with these in the garden. Perfect for taking on a picnic too, as they can deflate and come with a bag to store them in. 

So do you fancy winning a one set of these each? Then if so enter below using Rafflecopter, and you could be in with a chance. 

Answer the question ‘What do you think is the funniest pig position in the list?’

*We were sent these games for the purpose of this competition. However all opinions are honest and of my own. 


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  1. Lauren Stebbings Reply

    I like the Mixed Combo. Reminds me of a takeaway menu lol

  2. Jayne Townson Reply

    The piggy back makes me giggle. Thanks for this lovely giveaway, my kids would love this game.

  3. charlotte wilde Reply

    snouter – reminds me of my daughter trying to do a cartwheel!

  4. Joanne Benham Reply

    Makin’ bacon, brings back memories as I used to play this as a kid!

  5. Teresa sheldon Reply

    Has to be the makin Bacon, or as my little one says one dancing with the other bless

  6. Laura Corrall Reply

    Piggy Back! Although I just love the names given to the positions. It looks great fun.

  7. Pauline Wilson Reply

    Piggy back is funny. I have never played this game but it looks like good family fun

  8. Arabella Bazley Reply

    I think the snouter is funny but the Makin Bacon is probably funnier because it doesn’t look like you could “make bacon” in that position 😉

  9. Christina Palmer Reply

    The Makin’ Bacon position, Just because it sounds so silly

  10. Makin’ bacon – played this as a kid and only realised what it means today! haha

  11. lorraine kirk Reply

    Razorback is great. Kind of like me after about half a pint!

  12. Adrienne McGroder Reply

    Piggy Back – its cute and funny! My 2 boys would adore this game, would love to get it! xx

  13. Karen Weedon Reply

    The Makin’ Bacon position – funny but mean! I couldn’t play this game whilst eating my bacon sandwich..

  14. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway. I’d love to win this for my niece and nephew, we always have fun trying new games out together! 🙂

  15. Alice Dixon Reply

    I think pig out position is funny, shame it doesn’t earn any points!

  16. Karen Usher Reply

    Lol pig out does make me giggle, although knowing my luck if I were playing I would end up loosing points as I would always get this! lol

  17. Sally Collingwood Reply

    The Makin’ Bacon position sounds fun! Funny to say as well!

  18. Rebecca Brown Reply

    Pig out because it remind me of my partner and me when we do

  19. fiona waterworth Reply

    pig out its what everyone does and mostly looks like this

  20. I’ve heard so much about this game and it really does look like epic amounts of summer fun for all the family – fab comp too!

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