Don’t know what I am talking about?Β  I wouldn’t have either I until this year!

Pantone is a company who deal with creating accurate colours for consumers and manufactures. They have 2,310 colours to choose from so it can make it quite difficult when it comes to choosing which ones to use in products and design.

Each year they release a Pantone colour of the year, and this year it is the most beautiful colour combination of two colours.

Rose Quartz and Serenity


Aren’t they beautiful? They work so well together, and guess what? They are my twins favourite colours!

Lily loves the pink

Sofia loves the blue

So I thought I could bring the two colours together in their bedroom.


As you can see the room was grey and pink to start off with, we have black furniture and cream carpet. We went for a bunk bed to give them more floor space to play in their room with. The less wiggly one goes on the top bunk!

We went for a blue duvet set and a very warm fluffy throw for Sofia on the bottom bunk.


Then a pink duvet set for Lily and a pinky tone throw for Lily.


They were so happy to have their own little zone and to cuddle up under their pink and blue items!


It makes me smile that even some of their teddies are in the Pantone colour tones too!

I went through a phase of making the girls some hair bows, I found some lovely ones that went perfectly with the Pantone colours. I love how well these colours work together.


I wanted to find a rug that fitted on the floor in front of their bed, they play a lot with their toys on the floor in front of their bed, so the carpet has got quite grubby, however this pink low pile rug works great. It is a little brighter pink than the Pantone colour but still looks lovely.


I also love their butterfly curtains, I love how the butterflies have so many colours in. I think I knew these two colours were going to be on trend this year don’t you think?!


The girls were very happy with their new colours in their room and having their own colours in their own little areas.


*In collaboration with Wayfair, however all words are mine



  1. I must admit I don’t really know much about pantone colors but I love the shades of pinks and blues am glad both girls love the colours.

  2. Oh wow. That bedroom colour scheme is so different and so beautiful. The black coloured bunk bed really goes well with the rest of the room!

  3. These are lovely colours – I went for bold red and blue (think SpiderMan!) for my boys room and my daughters is a beautiful deep purple with white and hot pink. Kaz x

  4. What lovely shades and how lucky that your girls both like one of the colours. They look so happy snuggled in their beds!

  5. Such beautiful colours. Very in keeping with Evie’s nursery at the moment too. We’re slowly turning that into a big girls/toddler room at the moment which is exciting. Your room looks fab! xx #love2blog

  6. That is beautiful room and I love how well the colours work together. The girls must love their little space. πŸ™‚

  7. What a gorgeous combination. I like the fact that blue and pink go together it looks really good.

  8. The colours look great together don’t they? I didn’t think they knew what they were doing when they chose two colours this year, but clearly they do πŸ™‚ #homeinterest

  9. Haha! This is right up my street β€” I’ve been running a series on Pantone for the last year now funnily enough πŸ™‚ As a designer, I’ve been using their colour matching system for the last 20 odd years β€” it’s amazing how it’s filtered onto the high street and there are so many fab homeware items available now, based on the colours! I love it that they’ve gone for two colours of the year for 2016 β€” and they’re lovely too aren’t they?

    Fab ideas here Steph β€” I bet the girls are thrilled with their new room! Thanks so much for linking up with us! πŸ™‚ #HomeEtc

  10. Another Bun Reply

    Lovely colours for a girls bedroom – and they work so well together too! Thanks for sharing

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