I’m in the mood for getting everything ready for school this week, what with featuring the girls new school shoes, and now lunchboxes. There won’t be any excuses not to be ready come September! 

Kids can be really fussy, they don’t like it because it’s new, looks funny, funny texture or taste disgusting to them. However I do believe it’s good to try them with lots of different items, just a tiny bit and often. So sticking to the same items won’t be too good for exposing them to different types of food. 

I did baby led weaning with all 3 of my kids, and they are all pretty good. We always ate the same as them, sat with them at the table and exposed them to all different foods and textures. It has been a bit of a running joke that everyone always says ‘gosh don’t your children eat well’ I get a little embarrassed as I have visions of them raiding their cupboards and accepting all this food!! 

Lunchtimes are great for introducing different range of foods to kids, they are busy with their friends, seeing their friends eating different things, and also the dinner ladies watching over them! 

Do you tend to stick to the same items in the kid’s school lunchboxes? I know I sometimes get stuck in a rut, so I thought I would put together a few kids packed lunchbox ideas to help you out come September. 

Petit-Fernand have a fantastic range of kids lunchboxes that are perfect for giving them a chance to try new foods. They have little sections throughout the lunchbox which you can place different pieces of food in. 

What a I really like about the Petit-Fernand lunchbox is the option of placing an ice pack within the lunchbox. This is placed underneath the top section, but before the bottom section. I always worry in the summer if the food is being kept cool enough for them  by lunchtime. No worries with the Petit-Fernand lunchbox. 

I was sent two of the Petit-Fernand lunchboxes for my twins to try, of course they went for a pink version, and a blue version! That is typical of my girls. 

As you can see they are super cute, and personalised which is even better. Some of the sticky labels I have stuck on their current lunchboxes come off so easily, however these are personalised on their very own big label. So far the label has been completely fine too with washing etc. 

What I really loved about  Petit-Fernand is that you can personalise the lunchboxes, and when I say personalise, I don’t mean just a name! I mean, colour, font, background picture, and text colour! This is a screen shot of the background images, but do go and check out the styles as the styles and colours all change with each option you make. 

So this is perfect for my twins, who have their own style and colour choices. I could sit down and pick out what they wanted with them, and let them have the freedom of choice. 

The lunchboxes arrived safely, well packaged and quick delivery. They are priced much higher than you high street lunchboxes, but I do think they are worth it for the style, robustness, quality and including that ice pack. Petit-Fernand also sell water bottles, and stick on labels, so you could easily get the kids ready for school. 

So here are some ideas for lunchboxes, and things that could go in your kids packed lunches. 

Some Packed Lunch Tips 

I work on the basis that lunch boxes should contain carbs, protein, dairy and vegetables. So a winning combo would be a ham sandwich, yogurt and an apple or banana. Miracle Max 

I try to theme my daughter’s lunch so have lots of different shape cutters for her sandwiches and mini ones to cut shapes out of cucumber or carrot slices. I did little Christmas trees in winter, flowers in Spring etc. Pinwheels are also a great bet aka tortilla rolls with ham. I also like to avoid packaging or anything tricky for her to open. Basically an exciting lunch thats easy to eat! Edinburgh Life With Kids

I pick up a large sharing bag of crisps and pop a handful in the lunchbox, that way it gives them crisps but not a full packet of them. Works out cheaper too! 

*We were sent these products for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and of my own.  

Kids packed lunches are a great opportunity to let your children try new things, but in small quantities. They love being able to pick at little pieces of food, and the petit-fernand lunchboxes allow them to do that. With little sections in the kids lunchbox and a ice pack included.


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