Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together. Just a bunch of normal family life pictures!

WOW I’ve not done our weekend in pictures since the first weekend of October. Our weekend have been pretty full on after my emergency back surgery, hubby has had to do everything and he has been completely amazing. Looking after me, the kids, the house, dinners, the dog and still going to work. He only had the first week off with me, but that has been it. So the weekends have been full on in terms of keeping everyone happy and looked after!

I have had to rest lots, so my pictures would have been pretty boring! So I am slowly getting back into it, but it takes a while to get your head back into it and remembering to pick up the camera! So sorry for these weekends pics, but hopefully we can get back into it now.

Saturday 11th November 

Tyler was so pleased to get back to dog agility, Gus was VERY happy too! He flew over the jumps, and dived through the tunnels! Tyler couldn’t keep up

I really fancied pancakes….hubby went one step further and him and Lily made pancakes, ice cream and bananas! They were very tasty 

Gus needed a good wash after his agility, he also needs one every few weeks as he gets quite greasy and smelly from muddy walks. I didn’t think it through when I thought about where I was going to wash my HUGE dog!! 

Going through my pictures on my phone……then I see this one saved off from Snapchat (don’t worry they don’t use it, just to play with the funky filters!) 

Sunday 12th November  

Remembrance Day, Tyler was joining in with the parade with his Scout group. I remember doing this as a child in my village, and now he is doing it. He was asked to lay the wreath, but chickened out as there is so many people watching. Hopefully next year as it is an honour to do it. 

Well done to all the people who joined in with the parades and remembrance, such an important day to teach children and to remember. 

We watched it on the telly with the girls, and they did their 2 minute silence. It gave us the opportunity to chat to them too about why. 

It was a beautiful day today, very very cold and we could have easily stayed wrapped up indoors but I knew of this park that had opened. It looked great, but I didn’t know how to get to it! Typically we went to the wrong side of the country park, so were save that for another day. We still got to have a walk around though


Little trip into Pets at Home to pick some bits up for Gus, but the girls (and me!) can’t resist the little fluffy animals! 

Check out Gus’s funky feeding bowl! It’s so slow him down, as he pretty much inhales his food so quickly, do you think it works…?! 

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  1. I am so so glad that you are starting to feel better. Emergency surgery must have been scary. Tyler looked very handsome in his uniform. My little man likes to play with the filters on Snapchat too. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot I always enjoy your posts

    • Ah thank you! I am so glad to be starting to get back on track again. It’s been a hard few weeks, it was pretty scary, but what could have happened is more scary.

  2. This is such a lovely post and how lovely that you spent so much time outside even though it is a bit chilly outside now. The parade sounds so lovely. The photo by the lake is stunning.

  3. We can never resist a gander at all the hamsters when we’re at the pet shop! It really does take longer than you imagine to get over surgery, doesn’t it? Hope you go from strength to strength now x

  4. Sounds like u had a lovely weekend. I like u spend a lot of time outside its something we need to do more of but the cold weather puts us off.

    • Someone said to me “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” lol!! We do invest in warm clothing for us, but the kids are always running around more than we are so stay warmer than us! Also a flask of hot drink goes down well too!

  5. Such a lovely week of photos. Sorry to hear about your emergency back surgery. I hope you’re all ok now. Your son looks so smart in his uniform! x

  6. What a lovely time you all had. I am sorry to hear about back surgery. Never fun, but often needed! I hope you are feeling better and you get to stay outside in the fresh air. It’s good for us all! Give Gus a hug! xoxo #pointshoot

  7. The dog agility looks like a lot of fun. My kids love playing with snapchat and instagram filters too

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