Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together. Just a bunch of normal family life pictures!

Saturday 30th September 2017

Saturdays are now going to be classed as group and jobs day! Tyler has dog agility in the middle of the day, so enough time to give the dog a walk first and burn off some energy! 

In the rain too! 


So off me and Tyler went to dog agility, it poured with rain so was pretty slippery for him to run around in.  

Hubby stayed home with the girls and got some jobs done around the house, including the dreaded homework. 

Gus was disgusting after agility and covered top to toe in mud, so it was time was a wash and cut!





It was hubbys birthday on Thursday, so we had a Chinese for dinner, we don’t often get one and we don’t often get duck pancakes…special treat! 

I hardly ever let Gus have any of our food, but the last little bits of duck went down very well with him too!!

 Sunday 1st October 

Sunday was  funny day, over the weekend my back has been playing me up quite a lot. After a couple of weeks of it slowly getting better, I was pretty gutted for it to be playing up again. So hubby did the swim run, and I got my laptop and did some blogging jobs. (I’m so sorry at the state of my laptop, off to clean it after seeing this picture!!) 

I had promised hubby I would make a cheesecake, it was a nice and quick one so I didn’t mind doing it. 

We were going to try to get out for a nice walk, but the weather was terrible and I really need to take it easy this week. I need to be ready for Blogcamp on Wednesday. Anyone going? So we ended up staying home.

I handed over the camera to the girls to take some pictures……gosh there was some selection!! 

My DryBuddi* is obviously very interesting to them!!  However it is brilliant, if you are looking for a dryer for indoors to keep on top of the washing during the wet weather, than these are great. Drys clothes hanging so some things don’t even need ironing. 

See me in the background feeling very sorry for myself!

Selfie time with the dog!!

Thanks to hubby we still get a yummy roast dinner

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  1. I need a dry buddy it is impossible in this damp weather to dry anything! Gus looks very handsome. Congratulations to hubby. Loved the dandelion shot! Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

    • It’s a nightmare to keep on top of the washing in the rubbish weather, I used it all last winter and it was fantastic!

  2. Oo you can’t beat a roast dinner over the weekend! It looks like you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂

  3. Ahhh I love that you have a DriBuddy thing – is it good?! We struggle so much drying clothes indoors (we don’t have a tumbledryer). Love this way of capturing your weekend in photos – how much fur came off the dog!? Amazing.

    • The Dribuddy is fab, I always use it through the winter. I got it last winter, and brill for the school uniform as it hangs crease free!

    • Ah thanks! I have no room for it, but it works a treat on the washing so I put up with it!!

  4. I love how Gus gets involved with it all. Looks like he’s had fun running around and eating duck too 😉

    • Oh yes, he’s too big not to be involved with everything!! However the kids treat him like one of them, never misses out!!

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