We are really big Lego fans in this house, my house is full of Lego and I had to create some under the bed storage for it all!

My son has been a massive fan since he was young enough to start playing with it, to now when he has moved onto the Lego Technic builds, with moving electrical parts!

My twin girls have been brought up with Lego around them, Tyler has been building them little creations to play with and helping them with any Lego sets they have been given.


So of course when we arrive at Legoland they are beyond excited! Legoland is such a perfect place for kids just to be kids, they can explore, climb, build and scream on rides!

We have visited Legoland a couple of times and every time it is one of my favorite days out with them. We have taken Grandparents with us too and they have also had the best day with them, so it really isn’t just for kids!

Legoland are looking for Legoland Ambassadors for 2016, and have asked us to write about ‘why you think the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort is an awesome family day out’ so I thought I would get us to answer that question first!

Tyler: I love all the rides and fun things to go on

Lily: It is fun and AMAZING!

Sofia: It is the best day out, a super duper place

Dad: There is something for everyone, no matter how old or young you are.

Mum: I love seeing the kids little faces light up when they spot something they love, I love giving them the chance just to be kids, and just to enjoy having fun. Family time and fun is so important and life can easily get in the way of that. When you go to Legoland you can’t help but become a kid and enjoy yourself!

Then I asked them what things they love at Legoland, I wanted to create a video to show you what we love at Legoland….however we couldn’t physically be there to show you…….so we made our own Lego family!

Introducing The Moore family….. Dad, Mum, Sofia, Lily and Tyler!


Watch our stop frame animation first and then I will tell you all about the video.

The kids made all the characters, sets, vehicles, and ideas. Myself and Tyler sat down and created the script together and we all joined in with the recording! They loved watching their final creation, they were very proud of themselves!

First off we had to drive there, I wish my car had wheels this big!


Then we arrived at Legoland,


Which was inspired by the picture we took below…..


One of their best bits of Legoland was when we watched the Legoland Pirate show, they couldn’t believe their eyes when the pirates were jumping off the tower. Sofia loves jetskis so one of these had to be featured in the video too!


Pirates jumping off the tower,


The Jetski,


When my son was younger he loved the driving school, he kept hold of his driving license card for years! So of course this got featured in the video too!



Once the day is over, they think that staying in the Legoland hotel would be one of the most amazing things to happen to finish a perfect day. We have walked through the hotel before and their eyes were about to pop out! Here we are in our beds, with a double bed, single bed and bunk beds!


As you can see, my kids think Legoland is fantastic and this is their answer to ‘why you think the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort is an awesome family day out’

*This my entry to the Legoland Ambassadors application.

UPDATE! WE WON! Now we are official Legoland Ambassadors for 2016!

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  1. The L's Mum Reply

    What a fabulous idea as an entry and really captures how they feel about legoland. i wish you luck. We haven’t been but hope to in the future.

  2. Such a great idea for an entry! We’re going to take our two in June for my Girls 4th Birthday. She has been asking to go for a while now so will be planning it all very soon! xxx

  3. Great entry. We visited legoland last year and all three of us loved it. I wish we lived nearer. The pirate show was a highlight for us too.

  4. We have never been to Legoland but Lamb is really starting to like Lego so I think it’s time to go! This is a fab entry – good luck! xx

  5. What a fab entry, good Luck with your application! We haven’t reached the Lego phase yet but i’m sure it will come x

  6. I can’t wait for the boys to be old enough to play with lego. We’ll defo be taking them to legoland in a few years x

  7. What a fantastic entry. Love your creativity. The models you made based on the photos are great. We love legoland too. It’s definetley fun for all the family x

  8. When Blake is older I can’t wait to be able to play with Lego and take him to legoland I just know he will love it!

  9. We are Merlin Annual Pass holders and Legoland is top of our days out list. Good Luck with your application

  10. What a great post – I hope to take Pickle to Legoland this year, we have all been before but he hasn’t. Good luck! Kaz x

  11. Well you can more than definitely tell what amazing fans of lego you are and it looks like you had a fantastic time!

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