Well that was a hectic month! In all the chaos I completely forgot to get a Me and Mine picture. I was gutted as we have had some lovely days out, holidays and time together, which would have been a perfect picture. So for the first time EVER my picture is indoors, and at home, right at the last minute!

This bugs me!! I love my outdoor photos of us, and I am so annoyed I didn’t get one this month!!

So onto what we got up to in March, it was full of 2 holidays, days out, DIY and editing!

We were kindly invited along my Sykes Cottages to review one of their properties, so we combined it with my Dads 70th Birthday celebrations and got together with my family. I managed to get a picture of all of us together!

As you can imagine it was pretty busy with all of us together!!

The weekend after me and hubby we lucky enough to get away for a weekend together, first one in 2.5 yrs so we were so excited!! Well the accommodation was a bit let down, but the time together was lovely.

It was Mothers Day weekend so I got a picture of me and my kiddies!

I have also been keeping up with my Weekend in Photos, I have enjoyed this so much. Weekends are when we get to spend time together, and go out exploring, so I love being able to keep a little diary of our time. I hope you are enjoying them too, gives a little look into our lives too.

We are going away with our friends in April, so I will make sure I get a proper Me and Mine photo then!

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2016 Me and Mine Photos round up 

I am taking part in the Me and Mine photo project with Dear Beautiful for my 3rd year. This project is all about capturing your family each month, and not just getting pictures a couple of times a year at photo shoots or at special occasions.


The Me and Mine Project







  1. None of your photos are loading for me, but it sounds like you had a very busy month. I hope you got to relax a little during April 🙂

    Louise x

  2. So nice to celebrate 70th!!! What a great age and family gathering to come together to celebrate too. These are lovely. Hope April is good to you all. #meandmineproject

  3. What a fantastic photo of you all at the cottage for your dads 70th. So lovely to capture generations of a family together x

  4. It’s always the way – i find I’m always behind the camera and never in the photos! Looks like you have a big happy family though – i love a dining table you can fit everyone round!

    • I keep trying to get hubby to take more photos, but he’s not got that photo taking brain yet and misses those moments

  5. I love family photos, I could go through them for ages. Always lovely to look back on memories!

    • Yep your right, every month usually is! That’s why I like getting pictures out and about, as the kids are at their happiest!

  6. Fi Ni Neachtain Reply

    I think this is a gorgeous picture of you all. I’m a big fan of my outdoor photos too though so I know how you feel in regards to not getting one. But at least the one you did capture is so lovely x

  7. It doesnt matter if its outdoors or not, it’s the memories that are captured along with the photos.

    • Ah thank you, there are many memories made within our home, so perfect place for a picture really.

    • Thank you, I usually am good with remembering! It is worth it, great project to join in with

    • Oh do join in, it is such a great project. I am on my 3rd year now, which means I have a 27 photos of us and it is so lovely to watch the changes.

  8. I know you are upset about not getting an outdoor photo of you and the family but I think the last minute photo still looks lovely hun. Lets see what April brings x

  9. A lovely idea – trying to capture family photos regularly is so tricky as one of you is always in charge of the camera or, in our case, trying to get the toddler to not have a strop! xx

  10. That sounds like one very busy month! I can’t believe how many people you have around the dining table in that photo!!!

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