Christmas magic can sometimes seem like it’s in short supply. Kids grow older and lose interest in the very festivities that made then so excited once upon a time. Even as an adult, you can remember that point yourself when decorations became more effort than they seemed to be worth. However, we can do little things to make sure the magic sticks around for a little longer. Making a Christmas home is something we all aim for whenever winter rolls around each year. If you need help in making this Christmas a magical one, here’s a few tips that work even for a low budget.

Put on a Fire

You’re lucky if you have a chimney for Christmas. Having a roaring fire in the background of a beautiful scene in a Christmas movie is a tradition. Incorporate this into your own setting for a little extra winter feeling that brings on memories of allspice, warmth, and a good cup of cocoa.

Prepare for this early. If you need some heat logs at short notice be sure to look online, as your nearest farm may not be within realistic reach. Your own logs you prepared earlier may be still be a little too wet, so be prepared in case of that eventuality.

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Design Your Own Ornaments

Edible tree decorations are always a popular move, and Christmas biscuits are a good alternative to chocolate. Bake up some gingerbread that’s been cut into stars, angels, bells, and little funny faces if you ran out of dough. Kids love pulling them off of the tree and taking a bite out of pure love. You can even roll out some icing and cut out shapes to stick on top for an extra tasty treat. Just make sure the whole tree doesn’t come down on top of them as well!

Decorating the tree is a big part of the Christmas spirit anyway, and helps kids appreciate the amount of work that can go into decorating the house. Always include your children in the dressing up to keep them feeling included.

Leave Signs of Santa Everywhere

Keeping a little of that childhood magic intact even as your kids grow older is hard. They stop believing in the power of Santa, and being around other kids at school means they’re going to grow out of this habit fast.

Use fake snow at the door, or chimney if you have one, to show off some boot prints you made last night whilst the kids were in bed. Take a bite out of the mince pie and a nibble of the carrot left for Rudolph. Drink down the milk and leave a note for the kids to read when they wake up. Evidence of Santa’s visit that isn’t just the presents makes your children feel special for speaking to Santa, as they probably can’t stay awake long enough to ‘see’ him arrive!

For a little more spice, use an online Santa tracker on Christmas Eve. Being able to see how far away Santa is can really rile up the anticipation of his visit, and make kids more likely to want to go to bed!

Legoland Christmas

Always Make Use of Stockings

If you have somewhere you can hang them up, be sure to use stockings in your Christmas festivities. Let your kids do it themselves, this way they’re helping to bring in their little nick nack presents that can mean hours of fun. Kids can even make their own stockings using a bit of felt, ties, sewing needles, and maybe a couple of staples. Draw and stick their own names onto them and voila! It keeps them entertained and occupied whilst you plan out the Christmas day rota.

Sure, kids don’t need much help for their ever growing zest for life and Christmas excitement, but it’s always so lovely to see. Hanging a stocking at the end of your child’s bed is a great way to get them up and ready for the day. Having a visual presentation of Santa’s visit can make anyone incredibly happy.

Presents aren’t the only part of Christmas that make the day happy and fun. Being surrounded by friends and family in a setting you painstakingly crafted yourself is the ultimate prize at the end of the year. Plan early and plan well. Christmas can come cheap, but not without a lot of love in it. Any leftovers you have can be saved for New Years! How wonderful is it that all the holidays are stuck together!

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  1. oh no is it that time already! your decorations look amazing ! I love a good fire! they’re so nice and cosy! aww and the dog!! awwww so so cute

    • Ah thanks, pretty cute isn’t he! I love Christmas….got to start thinking about it…!

  2. Lovely post. We love Christmas here, even though my babies are growing up so quickly. I can not wait to decorate the house and make it all Christmasy 🙂

    • Oh I love a filled up stocking! My kids come running into ours with them on Christmas morning

    • Yes it does, I love turning on my electric fire (even though it’s not real!) but creates a lovely feeling

  3. I am so excited for Christmas already it’s ridiculous!! Love the Lego Santa ! – we are hoping to take the girls Lego land in December x

  4. The one thing that I hate about my house is that we don’t have a real fire or a log burner. I have found a candle that crackles like a real fire though which helps a bit

    • Oh I have heard of those ones too, my friend had one and they were really nice smelling too

  5. I am dying to get all the decorations up now. I have been given warning that none should go up before December at the earliest. I’m not keen on Christmas rules so watch this space! Hahaha.

    • Oh I had to pop mine up mid Nov last year due to a blogging thing and I was so embarrassed everyone in the street thought I was mad!! lol!! However I then didn’t care, as I thought hey it’s only a bit of fun and it’s my house!!!

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