We managed to get our main bedroom finished by Christmas.




main-bedroom-renovation-1 main-bedroom-renovation-2

This isn’t the bed we have now, we have one that suits the colouring of the room. Please take a look at my beautiful bed and review.

The blinds are from Dunelm we had to use two though to fit the window space, these are really good blinds! I was surprised as they are only £24.99 each! The blackout fabric is fantastic, so good that me and hubby head butted each other when we turned the lights off!!!

Wallpaper is from NEXT

We had a cupboard in the corner that I have opened up, wall papered and added a few shelfs.

I am not sure what I will do with the bottom half of it yet!





We had huge deep wardrobes in the room which were taking up so much room. Ikea do a PAX range of sliding wardrobes but they do it in a narrow range as well. This was perfect for us.





I love my new bedside tables from NEXT, I picked these up in the sale.

The beautiful new lamps are from BHS in the sale, they don’t have the same ones for sale but still have a lovely range of crystal lamps.


I couldn’t stretch to a crystal chandelier but I did manage to pick up this crystal pendant in the NEXT sale.


I love my new room, it gives me the light, airy space that I was hoping for when designing it. It feels like a quiet, peaceful place for me to escape to. What I love is that we did all this by ourselves, sweat and hard work!

Now the best bit is still to come!


I have ordered a new bed from Dreams and I cannot wait!


Love Chic Living and Love Your Home





  1. Hi love what you have done with your room. We are currently 7 months into our renovation and we are fianally ready to pick carpets…i love love love the i sense carpet it really is amazingly soft! However the sales man told me it wouldnt wear very well and that there would be a lot of “tracking” . What do you think to it? Do you think its worth the price tag?

    • Well I LOVE it and I don’t have a problem with wear on mine. However mine is in my bedroom so you don’t have all day everyday wear on it. It dents easily with furniture but I won’t be moving my bedroom furniture stuff around so doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t have it on my stairs as it is slipperly. I think the isense carpet calls to be in a bedroom. Soft, luxurious and a bit of a treat. Have practical carpet for higher footfall areas. Everyone loves my isense carpet!

      • Thats fab I would be having mine in my bedroom aswell so thats one less room to pick for now! Thank you ! 🙂

  2. Katherine Montgomery Reply

    Hi there,
    Your room looks fab, great job!
    I’m interested to know how you’re getting on with the carpet. Is it iSense serenity? I’ve ordered that for my whole upstairs but am getting nervous that it won’t hoover well as the pile is so deep. Any thoughts much appreciated!

    • I LOVE it! Hoovers really well and is so nice underfoot. I don’t have any problems with mine. It is quite slippery so wouldn’t have it on stairs.

      • Thanks for your reply, your reply is very helpful. I will have to post you a picture when the iSense is down!

      • I have iSense serenity carpet in the bedrooms and stairs. Dyson animal small ball upright doesn’t work at all (doesn’t move due to suction?). Please can you advise on with vacuum you use? Thanks

        • I used the cordless Gtech AirRam, if you search my blog I have a full review of it too.

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  5. Yay or Nay Interiors Reply

    Wow girl! Absolutely adore this new space!! For the bottom half of your closet here are some ideas!!

    or just stock up really cool boxes of different sizes, like hat boxes, square boxes etc. or Vintage suitcases!! I think this space is asking for it!

    Great job!!

    visit me sometime for me tips and inspirations http://www.yayinteriors.co.uk

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  7. Oh Steph, it looks great, so romantic and streamlined. You must be so pleased. 🙂 #loveyourhome

  8. Wow ,what a transformation! The new wall paper is so pretty, a lovely balance between floral and monochrome, the glass lamp stands are great too – I’m tempted to get some myself now. Nice work!

    • Thank you, I am really pleased with it. The girly crystals and flowers soften it all up which does work really well. It isn’t too girly for hubby either!

  9. Wow that looks fantastic! What a great transformation. I’m looking for a crystal lamp for our entrance hall, I’m off to check out the ones from BHS. #LoveYourHome

  10. Oh wow that looks fabulous! How many rooms do you have left to go? It must have felt great to get this done before Christmas. I ALMOST miss doing DIY after our epic house renovation last year. I can’t wait to get our hands on our own home out here so I can start decorating again. Love this lights you chose – really elegant and romantic. x

    • I love it! I must admit when I am doing in the process of decorating it dos feel like it goes on for ages but I love the end result. An extension is next on the list!

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  12. What a fabulous transformation, no wonder you’re thrilled. It’s so important to have a bedroom that you can relax in. Your colours are super stylish, as well as calm and tranquil. I also love the French style bedsides, the elegant shape adds character. I love the feature wallpaper, it really brings the room to life and the whole look is completed by the sparkling crystal additions. Great job :O)

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