We have recently been renovating our lounge and I thought I would put together a post for you to see what it looks like now.

This is a picture heavy post!

This was before we moved in, it still had the previous owners items in it as they were clearing it out. We moved in with that wonderful carpet!


Then we moved in, tried to fit all our furniture in, which we had too much of! Painted it up, changed the floor and sorted out the fireplace. We wanted to try to make it ours but without spending lots of money. It never worked with the furniture we had.


The old colour was purple, green and cream walls. The curtains were ones from the old house which were dark, this made the room really dull. I was a really bad blogger and never got a full length picture of the room when it was like the above.

We decided that the house needed to start working for us, we needed to have furniture that fitted this house and not the last house. I wanted to the lighten the room, bring in modern colours and make it work for us. You can see I talked about the colour scheme here

Blue, grey and mustard living room


First thing was to purchase a new sofa, there are 5 of us living in this house and we cannot all fit on one sofa. We wanted to curl up with the kids and watch TV together and be comfy. So the room called for a corner sofa, one across the window and along the wall where the old sofa was.

We decided on this Sophia sofa from DFS, but in a blue, grey and yellow colour choice.


So this is how it looked after our sofa was delivered! I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to our family life, we can all chill out on the sofa together. Also when we have friends over it is so sociable, it was a great purchase!


This is the other end of the room, we have a lounge dining room, which also has my ‘office’ in it too! We had to make this room work in so many ways.

As you can see on the left hand side of this picture we have an open doorway, this leads through to the kitchen. However the kitchen is next on the list to be renovated! We decided that we needed to also create more space in the kitchen, if we blocked up that doorway then that would give us another wall to use.


People were a little concerned when I said I was going to paint the walls grey, they couldn’t understand how grey paint would lighten the room and how it would work. What I didn’t understand was how difficult it would be to pick a grey paint!

I have been working with Valspar paint, which you can purchase from B&Q. They have 2000 colours to pick from which is fantastic but also makes it so hard to pick a colour! I took in my new cushion from my sofa to colour match, the lady helping me was fantastic. She was unable to put the cushion in the machine to colour match as the pattern was too small and not solid enough to pick out the colour.


However with just her eye and knowledge she managed to find a colour that matched so well, I wanted a grey for the main walls and a blue for the fireplace.

  • Warm Breeze for the blue fireplace
  • Mink Frost for the grey walls


I am so impressed with Valspar paint, it goes on so well, covers existing colours perfectly and it’s coverage is amazing! I purchased a tester pot for the fireplace, it covered the whole fireplace!


I wasn’t as pleased with the woodwork paint from Valspar, it is quite watery and does require you to prep and prime the woodwork before painting on. I was using their gloss version and it isn’t glossy like I would expect it to be. It is a bit too matt for my liking. However I am use to using an oil based paint and Valspar woodwork paint is a water based one. Which is better for the enviroment and also it dries so quickly.


I was so pleased with the grey Valspar paint, it is light and bounces natural light off into the room. It went on well, and I only used a 2.5 litre pot for the whole room! Valspar paint is more expensive than your usual high street paint brands however you use less, they have a great range of colours to choose from and gives a great finish on the wall. I am sold!


I have turned around now and facing into the dining room area, you can see here we have blocked up the door, this has given us another wall to use in here. It is very plain and boring in these pictures but I wanted to show you the room completed, without any bits and bobs in it.

I am planing on filling up the wall with useful storage, organisation for my office area but also keeping it practical for us to use as a dining room too.

We have found that we have much more room around the table, it also feels more warm and cosy too.


I have matching lampshades from B&Q in the lounge and dining room. I have picked out the dark grey from the curtains, but what I loved about them was the pleated fabric underneath. They are so pretty too look at rather than an ugly light bulb. They do give off a very subtle light, however we don’t use them very often as a main light, I like my lamps for that.

The curtains are from Next, I love Next curtains as they are such good quality. I picked these up in the sale though so you cannot purchase them anymore. I already had these tie backs, I picked them up on eBay years ago but they work really well!


I love a before and after picture! However I must learn to get a proper before shot, before I start renovating the room and also getting it from the same angle.

As time goes on I will show you how I add to the room, how I create an office area in my dining room and the little pieces I add to the room.

lounge-renovation-2 lounge-renovation-3

*We were given the paint from Valspar to use in this room, however all opinions are honest and of my own.

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  1. You’ll pulled it together really well, much brighter and more spacious. I’m a huge fan of Valspar paints too-I’ve used it on our black wall and in the kids room too, goes on beautifully!

  2. Oh we so need a corner sofa too. This one looks great! Also I love Valspar, great quality paints

  3. Bet you all love snuggling up on the sofa – looks so comfy. I can’t believe you wanted to get rid of the previous owners’ carpet and lampshade though 😉 (the whole room should have been preserved in a time capsule! It was everyone’s front room circa 1987?) Great work on the transformation, it’s made a huge difference.

  4. Wow what a transformation!! It looks lovely, I LOVE the grey and your sofa looks so comfy! Good choice! Xx

  5. What a fantastic transformation! I love the blue colour on the wall and that sofa looks ridiculously comfy! Beautiful, well done! x

  6. Ooh i love a good nosey into other people’s homes and what a transformation!! It looks brilliant, although I’m slightly disappointed you didn’t keep the carpet from when you moved in 😉 I love grey, our whole house is pretty much grey and you picked really well, it looks fab!

  7. That is one incredible makeover – I love the before photo haha, how very retro! The sofa has made the room so cosy, and it’s amazing how the grey paint has brightened the room up. Great job! I have one little niggle, feel free to ignore me, but I would space out your beautiful canvases that are above the sofa, so it’s more symmetrical if you know what I mean (please don’t hate me!) 😀 xx

    • Ah thank you, the whole house was retro when we moved in, turquoise bathroom suite was lovely! Course I don’t mind about the canvases! The thing is I am planing on adding more to them underneath, so that the main middle one of me and hubby are central to the kids around us. However it costs quite a bit to do canvases so I am slowing adding to it!! Thank you for your suggestions 🙂

  8. Wow!! What a difference Steph — you must be absolutely thrilled!! Great info about the Valspar paint — I shall look into using it on my she-shed build — I wonder if they do exterior woodwork paint? Will check it out! Fab transformation lovely — thanks so much for sharing it on #HomeEtc — really inspirational xx

    • Oh yes they do lots of exterior paint, I havent used it though. We are really pleased with it, the fun bit now is adding all the bits and bobs to it.

  9. Wow what an amazing transformation. I have just painted our walls with Valsper and planning on using their paint for the rest of the house as I was so pleased with it! Your living room looks really lovely now.

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