Putting my kids in good footwear is really important to me, it is so important for their soft growing feet. School shoes and walking boots are the two pairs of shoes that are the most important.

We are an active family who loves getting out and about together, exploring our surroundings and will happily go out for hours together. So good supporting footwear is a must.

All of mine wear walking boots, the twins need them for support as they are hypermobile and twist their ankles easily. Tyler loves climbing and walking boots gives him that cushioning and support to climb.

Tyler has been trying out some Trespass kids walking boots on our walks, recently we ventured off to Droxford to put them to the test.


I was really impressed when these boys hiking boots turned up, they are so smart. We choose black but they also come in brown too.


The first thing that stood out to me was the thickness of the sole, the website states that the walking boots ‘uses Phylon to give a foam sole that helps absorb shocks and maintain comfort’, you can see how thick the sole is, and Tyler said that they were so comfortable to wear on his soles and really took the bashing that any boy running around could give!

The sole has great grip which help with climbing and exploring, with toughened toe as well these walking boots can cope with many things that are thrown at them!


What also stood out to me when I was choosing the walking boots for him, that these were also water resistant. A few weeks back, when we had loads of rain and we were out for walk, Tyler had his wellies on and some boys took the mickey out of him. So at 11 years old that of course bothered him, wellies aren’t cool are they! But they keep his feet dry, his old walking boots weren’t water resistant and this meant he couldn’t join in with his sisters and splash in the puddles or squelch through the mud.

Well now he can! Look how water resistant they are,


I’m not how much they would cope with being fully dunked in the water but this was pretty good isn’t it!

Also as you can see the eyelets are full eyelets, I have never come across these before. It means you have more control over the lacing up and you can pull the laces in tight, which gives better support.

I also love how supporting and cushioned they are around the ankle, it has thick cushioning and comes up nice and high for him.


When it comes to price they are great value, currently on sale at £23.49, great quality and great price, you won’t be disappointed as there is nothing I feel is wrong with these boots.

*I was sent these walking boots to review, however all opinions are honest and of my own.




  1. Really impressive! My little boy is (almost) 3 but we too are a very outdoors type family, we love camping and long walks especially along the coast. These boots seem like a great bargain!

  2. My girls have trespass costs and jumpers. They are great quality so I can only imagine how lovely their boots would be.

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