When we renovated our bathroom I said to myself that I was going to look after it. After all the hard work that we put into it to tile it ourselves from floor to ceiling I wasn’t prepared to see it end up looking bad and water damaged.


So I thought I would put together some of my top tips on keeping your bathroom tiles free of water damage.

Leaking Pipes

If you have tiled from floor to ceiling like we have you have covered over a lot of your water pipes. So if there was a leak behind the tiles you wouldn’t know straight away. Keep an eye out for stains on the other side of the wall or ceilings underneath.

Be aware of pipe work

When adding in any fixtures or fittings make sure you are not going to hammer a nail or screw a screw into any of the pipes underneath either the floor or walls. Hubby made that mistake once as he hammered a nail into the central heating pipe in the floor, I can tell you a lot of water comes out of those pipes!! We had to call an emergency plumber out quickly to repair it.


The most obvious one is that you must grout the tiles, this is a hard filler that keeps water from getting under the tiles and lifting them. You can get grout in various colours to co-ordinate with your tiles. However once you have grouted you must make sure you keep it up together, if you see any cracks in the grout or bits falling out, quickly repair this.


Tiles are usually put on around baths, showers and sinks so lots of water is usually hanging around the bottom of the tiles, so it is best to add a row of waterproof sealant around the bottom of the tiles. You can buy all different types of bathroom sealant in various colours including anti-mould. This stops water sitting on the bottom of the tiles and leaking down through the gaps. Again, make sure you keep an eye on this for any gaps or peeling away of the sealant as the water can easily get under this so repair quickly.

Extractor Fan

Bathrooms get so much moisture from the water collecting in the room, this has to go somewhere so the less you can have sitting on the tiles the better. You can purchase extractor fans which extract the moisture out of the house into the outside. These will need to be professionally fitted by an electrician as you need them correctly wired in and made safe.

If you don’t have an extractor or waiting for one to be put in then simply open the windows! It maybe a little chilly in the winter but it gives the moisture a chance to get out of the house, also it will dry out the room quicker.

Tile cracks

Again this is another maintenance look out, keep an eye out for any tile cracks as the water can easily get behind the tiles. Make sure when your purchasing your tiles you have a few extra to replace any cracked tiles.

How many of you are now hurrying off to check over your bathroom?

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  1. Kain Keeton Reply

    If you want to save your home from water damage, It is a simple guide, Find and stop common water leaks before they cause rot and other expensive damage. and replace a broken Tile with new one.

  2. Kain Keeton Reply

    To avoid water damage from your home regularly checks your bathroom tiles and pipes. If you find leakages on the pipe, Immediately replace with a new one. It can create water damage problem in future.

  3. Great tips, thanks for sharing! I think our bathroom would definitely be our next room to look at doing up so these pointers are super helpful!

  4. We just renovated our bathroom and I’ve promised myself I’ll keep on top of the cleaning etc. Water marks and water damage are so hard to clean once they are out of control! X

  5. Great tips. I’m so bad for keeping the bathroom sparkling clean. I just about get time to keep the sinks clean. Very hard. I love your bathroom.

  6. This is a great post, my bathroom is starting to show signs of water damage 🙁 I might show this to my dad as I still live with my parents! x

  7. Polly Williams Reply

    Such a useful post, we moved into a new build last year and I’ve tried so hard to keep the tiles looking new and always keep our windows open after a shower/bath xx

  8. Great tips! Thankfully we don’t have tiles in our bathroom, but my parents do and one day the tiles got so water damaged that they all came crashing down off the wall into the bath! They’d been asking the landlord to fix the problems for years with no luck so they weren’t best pleased!

  9. I really have to be careful with out bathroom because we don’t have an extractor fan and I’m useless at remembering to open the window after I’ve had a shower. Most of the time I do try to take good care of our tiles though as we have enough work to do on our house without adding that to the lost too! This is a very helpful post. x

  10. Really interesting post as our shower is no longer in operation. Sadly one of the glass panels shattered over the Summer and we still haven’t had chance to replace it. I’m mourning the loss of our shower and I miss it so much!

  11. I’m going to pass this on to my mum. She’s just had her bathroom re-done and the tiles last time around were in such a state. Some great tips. xx #lovetoblog

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