My readers would have seen that we have been giving Tylers room a makeover which involved a brand new colour, design and spray painting his original furniture.

Now that we had sprayed up all his furniture it was time to get creative with it! Spraying up with Valspar was so easy and made such a transformation.


I wanted to use his Ikea MALM drawers to create a raised bed, this would create extra floor space and give him lots of extra storage. Luckily, I have a hubby who is creative and takes on whatever DIY project I come up with!

So first he created a flat base for the mattress to sit on.


We placed the IKEA Malm drawers at either end of the bed as support for the bed top.


Attached a length of timber to the top end of the wall where the bed is going to sit on. This is taking the weight of the bed so make sure it is securely attached.


Attach some legs onto the mattress base to give extra weight support.


Screw the mattress base on to the IKEA Malm drawers and wall supports.



I wanted an edge on the bed to support the mattress and finish off the look.


We had a side of an old cabin bed that we could attach, this finished it off nicely!


Look at all this storage, he loves his new bed and I love how much more floor space this has given him.





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    • It is quite high up, but my son is 10 so hasn’t fallen out of bed for a long time!

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