Having a garden means you have great extra space to use and spread out into, so it seems a shame not to make use of it once the summer is over with. This guest post has been written for you with some great ideas on How to Make your Garden Welcoming in Autumn. 

Even though it’s officially autumn, and entertaining in the garden seems another year away, you needn’t pack up the patio furniture just yet. There’s plenty of ideas that will make your outdoor space – big or small – a warm and inviting area for family and friends.

Here’s a few items that will encourage more garden parties, BBQs and gatherings – making autumn a time for socialising, not hibernating.

Outdoor heaters

Nothing gets people huddled together than warmth on a cool autumn night. Outdoor heaters are a people-magnet and will have your guests enjoying your outdoor space long after the sun has disappeared. The Independent put together a top 10 of outdoor heaters earlier this year that could give you tips of what will fit the look of your garden.

Whether you opt for the campfire-style of a fire pit, more conventional standing heaters or the classic look of a chimenea, you’ll be sure to keep everyone toasty warm while they talk amongst themselves or enjoy some garden fireworks.

Throws and blankets

Even with outdoor heaters, you can still make your garden even more cosy so that you can entertain without the worry of people being chilly and yearning for their warm bed. This is where standby throws and blankets come in. Not a purchase that will break the bank and you can use these all through the autumn and winter to keep warm in any part of your home.

IKEA are great for reasonably-priced throws or you can get inventive on the sewing machine with their huge selection of materials. A great tip is to choose throws and blankets that are warm in colour as well as material type. Think warming shades or burnt orange, reds and browns.

Folding doors

Bringing your outdoor space, in… When entertaining, you want your guests to feel as though they have a choice of where they can sit or stand – especially important if your garden is small – offering the chance to mingle with other people. This is why it’s a great idea to use the room your garden follows on from as a second location for entertainment. Whether a kitchen, utility room or dining room, you can make the two areas appear to be one larger area by using bifolding doors.

If the heavens open on your party, you can bring people inside to an area that already has seats and is ready to host them. Plus, it can take the pressure of you as a host if people can refresh their own drinks and nip into the house easily.

On warmer nights you can have the doors wide open, bringing your house and garden together. And on much colder nights, you can entertain outside until the temperature becomes too cold and then bring the party inside. Plus, they are a highly impressive feature in any home so are sure to be a talking point at your gathering!


The opportunity to ‘throw a shrimp on the barbie’ should not be limited to the summer months only. Even your most fickle friends won’t be able to resist the offer of smoky meat and tangy salads whether it’s June or November. So, instead of buying a rickety BBQ at the start of every summer, why not invest in something a bit more flash that can be rolled out all year round? It doesn’t have to cost the same as a second-hand car but something like this retro-style BBQ from Trouva would be just the ticket.

Clever use of light

Creating a cosy ambiance has as much to do with tasty food and heat as it does with great lighting. You can accomplish this with strategically placed candles and lanterns in the areas of your garden you want to highlight.

Make a walkway using tea lights so people can find their way easily back into the house. You can also have a selection of different size lanterns peppered around your outdoor space as well as fairy lights around a tree or fence to light up the night. All a surprisingly cheap way to create the look and feel of your gathering.

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    • So easy to neglect it, it doesn’t get used as much in the winter so you don’t think about keeping it up together.

  1. I think light is so important in the garden and I love the idea of curling up under a blanket – perhaps with a nice big mug of hot chocolate!

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