One of the delights of being a parent is a wonderful collection of pieces of artwork to display in the home. I could have my entire house covered in the kids artwork if I kept every single piece!! I don’t have a specific place for the kids artwork, so it gets piled up on the fireplace, mirror over the fireplace, my desk and anywhere. I don’t even have a fridge to pop it on!!! 

I don’t want to squash their creative ideas, when their proud of themselves, worked hard to create something and or achieved something. It’s part of them and it’s will build their confidence. 

So I needed to come up with a solution to display their artwork neatly, somewhere they can show it off and large enough to keep adding to it. As they certainly will keep adding to it!! 

TeachBoards sell a fantastic range of notice boards, white boards and glass boards. I spotted their colour rainbow felt notice boards and thought this would be perfect for my twins bedroom. They have a space by their bed on each side of the room which would fit this nicely. 

Their rainbow felt notice board range is manufactured in the U.K. North Yorkshire and come with a fire rating testing which is nice to know as they are sleeping near them. 

They come unframed and ready to add your own drills holes on how you want them fixed. They can be hung either vertically or horizontally. 

Don’t like the colours we have picked? Don’t worry you have 18 colours to choose from and 6 sizes. The size we picked is their smallest size 0.9m x 0.6m which is perfect for the space we wanted them for. 

The girls can now happily add whatever kids artwork they want to and keep it up there forever long they want. They look great in their bedroom and they love them. The more I have thought about this, the more I have realised that this is such a great move for their confidence. When there is something they love they can show it off, something their friend has given them that makes them happy and having it in their bedroom they can make it completely personal to them and not having to share it with anyone else. 

I can see this getting very full up which will be wonderful to see. 

I hope you like seeing how I display my kids artwork. What do you do with yours? 

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  1. That is a brilliant idea, my fridge is over-run with pics – they could do with a board each for the bedroom

  2. That’s a really lovely way to do it. We don’t really have much space to hang anything up, so I photograph everything and keep the best/favourite pieces in a folder.

  3. What a clever idea! I would never have thought of using a notice board in my son’s room for him to display his artwork on! It really is a great idea to let them personalise their own space.

    • Yes it’s nice as my girls share their room so gives them their own board to put their pieces on, thanks!

  4. Every family home needs some of these! I think it’s so important to display children’s artwork in a way that makes them see that it’s valued. It probably took them ages and it should be displayed with pride!

  5. No kids yet but do love the boards, such a lovely way to let the kids display there work, need to check out teachboards for myself and see what I can find.

    • Yes they had some great boards for loads of different uses, great way to be organised

  6. What a good idea! I really need something like this – the side of my fridge is getting far too full from all the things they bring home from nursery and school!

  7. I love this. What a great idea and perfect for them to join in as well. We have a big magnetic wall (I used magnetic paint) that we hang pictures on. I have also framed a few of them. It’s so important for kids to feel that you are proud with what they have created. Great idea for their own rooms.

  8. These are fantastic! I am forever looking for places to display my kids artwork and certificates especially now both my little ones are in school and preschool! These look like the perfect solution so thanks for sharing!

  9. I love the idea of one of these boards. I get so much stuff from my eldest it isn’t possible to display it all and now my youngest starts preschool soon I know it’s going to get worse. This is a great solution.

    • My eldest isn’t crafty so isn’t bothered but my twins would create things all day long if they could!!

  10. I think it’s so important to display kids artwork as they are really proud of it I am a magnet on the fridge kind of mama!

    • Yes I use to do that too! Would get so full up wouldn’t it! Then our fridge became integrated!!

  11. Oh what a fantastic idea. My kids used to bring so many bits of artwork and paintings home from school and I used to put some up on the fridge but couldn’t have them all on there. I used to feel terrible that they sat gathering dust somewhere because I would never throw them away! I would have loved something like this – particularly love the pink one!

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