I have just realised that my blog is one year old already, how did that happen??!

Happy 1st Birthday to Renovation Bay-Bee!!!!!

Don’t you find that the older you get the quicker life goes by and how the years fly by. When I look back at my first post it just reminds me why I am writing my blog. I want to remember all the lovely things we do and the changes that happen throughout our life. I want to share with my family and friends, new and old our little life! I want to be able to share great places we find and quirky little things I come across.

Looking back 2013 was a year of finding our feet and adjusting to a new house, new daily routine and the twins getting use to school life. I found it very strange not having the twins around but have enjoyed having my time with Rusty the puppy.

2014 is a year of enjoying all those changes, Rusty gets me out and about, he gets me to meet new people, builds my confidence back up and help me get back into the big bad world of meeting new people and new experiences. I am really enjoying it and feel like ‘me’ again. I have a real spark for working with dogs and Rusty is bringing that out of me even more.

I am really enjoying having time to get little jobs done, trying new recipes, crafts and I really want to get organised! I am a massive planner and I LOVE planning. So where things have been so up in the air with the house and rooms are not how they are going to be it muddles my brain!! So look out for housework and family organisation blog posts and see if I can finally put my planning skills into practice. I am always on the look out for ideas and organisation that makes my life easier. Please do comment with any of your tips, link to your blog or posts on organisation.

I have also started 2014 by joining weight watchers, I would like to lose a little weight (13lbs) ready for the summer. I have never done a diet before and I really hate the word ‘diet’ so I am calling it ‘healthier eating’ and this is something that we can do for the family. I have only signed up to the internet version of Weight Watchers so that I can learn some more healthier versions of our family dinners.

Also my website has taken a back seat during 2013 so I would love to get back into that again as it means I can still stay at home and this is something I want to do for myself and my children. I want to be able to go to the school visits and I want to be able to have the time to carry on doing the ‘extras’ I do to help my family be who we are. So if you are looking for any gifts, please take a look at Bay-Bee!

So as you can see I am still ‘renovating’ life, the house is still being renovated and there will be many more blog posts on the house! Now I have time to show you all the changes and I hope you look forward to many more posts from me in 2014. Please do follow me on bloglovin


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