Do you struggle to stick to a meal plan each week? Do you even have one? If not then I urge you to have a go!

Since I have started to properly meal plan our meals, and plan ahead for what we are going to eat all week, I have saved so much money and not wasted as much food. I only buy what food I need for each meal,  and I have learnt how much we get through each week. I also don’t have that mad panic about what is for dinner each day!

A few weeks back we took a trip to Aldi for the first time, I was taking part in a campaign to see if I could feed my family on £2 each per day. I knew that Aldi would be cheaper for us to shop at, so gave it a go. Since then we have done pretty much all of our weekly shops there. We have saved so much money, and I have been completely surprised by the quality and taste. I was a bit of a ‘brand snob’ and thought that the Aldi food wouldn’t task very nice. However I have been proved completely wrong.

Each week I am going to put together my weekly shop to show you how much it all cost, and what we are eating each week. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for meals, and help you save some extra pennies too. Some weeks I am sure we will be more adventurous than others, and some weeks/days it will be super quick ideas too! We are a family of 5, husband, wife, son (12) and twin girls (8).

Hubby is the cook in our house, and we are going to start featuring some more recipes on my blog, which I will link to in the meal plans for you.

Week 9

Easy week this week, we shopped at Lidl and had some easy recipes to have. Hubby has had this week off work, and back to work next week, so easy options!

Lidl £74.85

  • Friday – Kids have their friends over, and have requested Mac and Cheese with Tuna, and garlic bread.
  • Saturday – Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie (didn’t have it last week) 
  • Sunday – Roast Chicken
  • Monday –  Spicy Fried Rice, we will make some changes so it isn’t as spicy for the kids. Used the left over chicken from the day before. 
  • Tuesday – Toad in the hole with mixed veg
  • Wednesday – One Pot Cheesey Pasta 
  • Thursday – Spicy Fried Rice

I love Pinterest for meal ideas, follow my Main Meal Ideas board to keep up with things I am pinning.



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