Our world is changing pretty fast, you guys. While most children have a natural curiosity and love for nature, they’re also easily distracted and would like nothing better than to be entertained all day. The entertainment comes easily through your television, smartphone, video games, tablets – the list goes on.

How is the great outdoors suppose to compete against Mario and his brother when it’s unpredictable, prone to weather changes, and home to a variety of strange animals? By explaining exactly this to your children, of course, and encourage an interest for weird creatures you might find in the forest – magical, mythical, and even found right in your backyard.

Turn off the television, send them outside and let them explore nature safely and uninterrupted.

Create a child-friendly garden

The area surrounding your house is the best place for them to explore on a daily basis; you’ll be nearby in case something happens, and they’ll have access to grass and nature without having to make trips to the forest on a weekly basis. This article from two years back even estimates that children spent around six hours or more every day on electronic devices – you’d be more optimistic than most of us if you think this amount has done anything but increase since then.

Anyway, make your backyard or garden as child-friendly as possible and allow them to grow up with wonderful memories of climbing trees, getting stuck in trees, and building tree houses. If you don’t have any of those in your garden, make it child-friendly by installing a swing, for example, or help them with building a fort in the bushes.

In the summer, when the leaves grow thick and green, they can nestle up in there and wait for you to bring them bowls of strawberries and milk – such lovely summer memories for them to hold on to.

Set an example

If they never see you spend time outside, they’re not going to grow up with this as a value. Spend time together with them, build that tree house or bush fort, keep a vegetable garden they can help you harvest in the autumn, and soak up the fresh air.

If you have money to spend and would like to spruce up your home a bit, it’s a good idea to invest in making your garden more appealing for all of you to enjoy; have a look at Albion for some gorgeous ideas on conservatories or turn it into a luscious jungle instead. The more you focus on spending time outside yourself while encouraging your children to join you, the more success you’ll have – it’s as simple as that.

The truth is that children who proudly declare that they love forest walks and that their favourite drink is pure water didn’t reach this conclusion on their own. They’ve been watching their parents, picking up their habits, and will soon grow up to be healthy, rosy-cheeked teenagers who long for another camping trip in the wild.

The risk you run is, of course, that they’ll embark on wildlife adventures when they’re all grown, filling their social media account with pictures of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and exploring Scandinavian fjords. At the end of the day, it could be a lot worse.

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