Homes get boring once in a while, this is a fact. We can’t help getting bored with things, we see it everyday and we use it everyday too so we are bound to get bored with it! However, every room in your house is different and so each one requires different attention given to it. You can’t do the same thing for your living room to your kitchen, so it’s good to know what the most effective thing is to do to each of your rooms to make them better for you.

The Kitchen

Possible one of the most expensive, and hard to change rooms in your house. Your kitchen is obviously where all of the cooking happens so you do spend a lot of time in there every day, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Because of the amount of installed units in a kitchen it can be very difficult to know how to change it, however there is a less expensive option than changing everything. Replacing the doors on all of your kitchen units is a fabulous way to freshen up your kitchen. Without actually changing any of the units you are giving them all a fresh face to be looked at, an excellent choice if you need to swap up the look of your kitchen.

The Living Room

The focal point room, the main hub for socialising is the living room. You will spend most of your waking hours in here, so it’s important to really make this space engaging else you’ll not want to be in there. Living rooms are often affected by two main factors; the amount of light that they get from outside and the furniture. By changing up both of these by getting new furniture and windows in, you can completely change the dynamic of the room making it lighter or  darker, depending on your preference. Of course there are other things you can do to your living room, so if you want more ideas check this out on how to refresh your living room space.

The Hallway

Obviously this is only applicable if you actually have one of these, if you do then keep on reading! Hallways are the first thing people see and step into when they first visit your house, so it’s their first impression, not to mention that you always have to walk through it to get everywhere in your house! Hallway’s main problem is that they are often too dark as they do not have any windows to allow natural light in, making them feel closed and restrictive. If you want to give your hallway a refreshed look, get some new lights in and make sure that the space is well illuminated otherwise it will still look bland! This will totally change the look of your hallway, gone is the darkness and in is the lovely light tones!

Hopefully now you know what to do in each of your rooms to make them fresh and engaging again. Doing something in the kitchen just because it worked in the living room will not succeed in making your house better, in fact it could just make it worse! If you’re looking for furniture idea’s and know that you want a desk of some sort but are unsure what to get, check this out to get you going.

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  1. Sometimes arranging decors in the kitchen and small appliances will make the kitchen looks better. The best part is replacing old kitchen appliances to new one.

  2. Remodeling or transforming the interior always bring new challenges and such small ideas helps to make the big difference. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. Alex Vordston Reply

    Hi, Steph! Brilliant article. I work in home renovation in London, and you’ve touched on some great cost-saving tips I often recommend, too. Another great way to freshen up the kitchen is to add some tiles (even if it’s just a splashback) and to update the metal hardware (taps, for instance).

    If you have a living room with a carpet, check if there are beautiful floorboards underneath! If so, expose, sand and varnish, and it’s sure to make a difference. Couldn’t agree more with your lighting point for the hallway! Thanks for the fantastic read. Keep it up!

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