When I was approached by RoomSketcher to try out their home designer software I knew that I would have fun with this!!

As you know we are planning the girls bedroom renovation so this came at a perfect time for me. I was able to visually see some of my ideas come together and help figure out where I would put things and would that work in that place or not.

RoomSketcher gave me a VIP membership to try the software out, which normally would be a 12 month annual subscription for just £30, this does give you some more features but there is a free option for personal use which would give you enough to start designing your rooms. Also a pro version from £60 which is great for commercial use. Take a look at their website for more information on pricing and features.

It took me a little while to learn how to use the software and all the things it can do but you can save off your designs and come back to it as many times as you want. Once you get the hang of it then it is easy to use, it is nice to be able to save off your images and share them with your friends.

Below is a screenshot of my design in progress, as you can see it is all very easy to navigate, clear buttons, easy menus and with the use of drop and drag you can easily place items from the lists into your design.


Here are my images of the girls bedroom renovation that I have generated using the software, as I have the VIP version I was able to generate premium 3D pictures which give them an added quality look

RoomSketcher girls renovation RoomSketcher girls renovation 1

In these picture I have shown you the difference between the normal 3D picture and the premium enhanced picture


It is pre loaded with lots of household items for every room in the house, including the garden as well. That is my next design to do!

My only issue was that there wasn’t a black bunk bed, so I have added a light wood one which was a shame as it was one of the main items in the room. They have said you are able to e-mail them with products you wish them to add to the software but this will take a little while. It would be handy to have items that you can change the colour of to suit your design, apparently they have started to do this for kitchen worktops and cupboards so hopefully they will be able to roll that out for each item.

You can adjust the dimensions of the items so suit your room, window size, and door size. So if there is an item that is the correct colour and style you can adjust its sizing to fit into your room. I did this with the black drawers and shelf in the images above.

I do love this software and I am in my element using it as I really enjoy pulling all my ideas in my head and Pinterest together!

Follow this link and you can take a look at my design and all my images of my design, it also shows you all the items I added into my design. You can add anything to my design through this link too, have a play yourself!

I look forward to designing my garden now to show you all!

*I was given a VIP membership of RoomSketcher home designing software to try, however all my options and words of my own and are all honest.

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