Thank you to everyone who linked up with my linky last month. It was great to have you! 

At the start of January we sat down as a family and watched a few of my old videos on my YouTube account. It was so nice to watch them and bought back some lovely memories. We loved them so much that we have now started creating weekend vlogs! So that’s our GetMooreFromLife moments now on video, so I would love to see any of your videos too in the link up. 

So onto this months featured post. I have picked Sonia from Mammas School – she shared how to ‘GetMooreFromLife’ by having a sunrise picnic. I love this idea and really would love to do it one morning. Although I am rubbish at waking up in the morning! However this is what this linky is all about isn’t it, Getting Moore From Life. So I really should make the effort one day. 

Join in over on Instagram to by using the hashtag #GetMooreFromLife on any of your photos that you feel fit and following me on Instagram 

I have also featured Sherry from Life In Cooks Cabin with her Instagram picture. Life is always about adventures. I love how her little girl and her dog is on an adventure together. Also I admire the early morning walk in the frost. It looks stunning.

Get Moore From Life isn’t just about being outside together, it is about time, moments, things you love in life or things you have purchased to make life just that little bit more special. 

I wanted to create a linky that we could use to celebrate that. Celebrate those little moments in our lives that we think are special and we ‘Get Moore From Life’  from.  So a few questions answered for you, and then I hope you would love to join in with me at the bottom. 

How To Link Up With GetMooreFromLife 

  • Videos from YouTube/OLD or NEW Blog Posts 
  • Subjects could be exploring with kids, exploring without kids, things you’ve purchased, moments in life, things within the home, family time, outdoor fun, this linky is for you to take your spin on it. 
  • Comment on minimum 2 other links in the linky
  • Tweet to say you have joined in, I will RT all of these with my followers. Make sure you include my twitter handle @RenovationBB & #GetMooreFromLife so I know you have tweeted. 
  • Add the #GetMooreFromLife badge to the bottom of your blog post so your readers can see and join in if they wish too 
  • I will pick a featured blogger at the start of each month and feature their post they linked up with a link to their blog. 
  • This will run for 3 weeks and feel free to link up maximum 3 blog posts, but please do join in with more commenting too.  

Please feel free to sign up to my weekly newsletter to be reminded of when the linky goes live on my blog. 

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This is running from 1st of every month and will stay open for 3 weeks,  I will be then back next month with my first featured post and the regular linky. 




    • Thank you, would love for you to join in too. Lovely idea isn’t it, just need to get out of bed in time!

  1. I love the idea here. Very cool and a way to get other bloggers involved as well. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is a lovely idea for a linky. And great that you can link up videos too. I caught Sonia’s post about the picnic, it was a great idea!

    • Thank you very much, it’s a great idea isn’t it. Just have to wake up properly when my alarm goes off!!

  3. I love this, what a great way to share the love and collaborate! I agree about sharing those moments to make it a little more special. We are nothing really if we don’t do this with our family and friends!

  4. Great idea for a link up, I love a good subject for getting outside and doing something special. I tweeted you a video on outdoor playful toddler yoga with mama. Now to check out the other posts.

    • Oh I will go and have a look, be great if you could add it to the linky as then it can be included in the linky too

  5. This is a wonderful idea for a link up! I have never seen anything like this before. I will use the hashtag for the relevant pictures of ,ine

  6. This is a great idea for a tag and linky. It is important to slow down and remember the simple things that make us happy. I like to pause and sit with my daughters and have cuddles to get more from life. I am always rushing around doing the chores, running errands. I forget to just stop and enjoy them.

    • Thank you, yes that is so true. We can often think that sitting down and stopping is wasted time, but it isn’t when it comes to children. So important to have that little moment with them

  7. A nostalgic trip will either be happy or painful. But either way, it gives us a lot of reminders on where we are at the moment. This is a good idea for pulling up old blogs posts and videos.

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