When I was a child I had a friend who had a go kart, we use to ride it up and down the road outside the house. We had so much fun!

I never had one myself though, so when I was contacted by Kettler and asked if my children would like to review a go kart I was over the moon! I knew I didn’t even have to ask them, what kid would say no to a go kart!?

Kettler had a large range of go karts to choose from, suitable from ages 3-12+ years.

We picked the Kettler Nitro Extreme go kart which age range is 5-10 years. Although you need to look at the height range too.


I cannot tell you how excited they all were to receive this, I am currently the best Mummy ever!!

When the go kart arrived in a HUGE box the kids eyes nearly popped out, they had no idea how big a go kart actually was.

The go kart arrived nearly assembled, just needed to attached the seat and steering wheel. This took about 15 minutes to put together so not too long for the children to wait. Instructions were included but it wasn’t tricky to put together.


It does weigh 22kg which is quite a weight to carry around, we did manage to fit the go kart in the boot of the car to take to the park though. I wanted to find somewhere which was safe, large and a nice path for them to first ride it on. I was expecting a lot of off-roading and veering into trees to start off with!


I really like the look of this go kart, cool, black, funky, robust, solid and comfortable.



When we got to the park the kids were bursting to get on the go kart and have a go, we had to come up with an order so there wasn’t any arguments!


The seat is adjustable so this is how it can be adaptable for the large age gap, there are small holes in the bars that the seat is sat on and flip up handles to release the seat. This is tricky to do and the kids couldn’t manage it themselves, so each time we had to change between my oldest (10yrs) to my twins (5yrs) we had to adjust the seat which can be a bit of a fiddle. I am sure the more we do it the easier we will find it.



There is a large brake handle at the side which is easy for them to put the brake on, which was needed at one point and very quickly as my daughter went down a small hill towards a tree (wish I had been videoing that!) good job it also has a bumper bar at the front!


Apart from that time all 3 kids found it easy to use, I did have visions of the younger twins struggling with the weight or struggling to peddle. They had no problems at all, easy to ride, turn and stop.

The seat has a handy hole at the top of the seat, this is perfect for giving that extra push up the hill or just for fun at making each other go faster!!


There is a gear stick in the middle of the go kart, this is for locking off the peddles so you can use them or change it so they are not in use.


The go kart comes with good quality high performance air tyres, which lots of grip in them. We managed to ride it across flat paths, grass, forest paths and gravel tracks.


This go kart is a MASSIVE hit with my kids, you can see from their happy faces in the pictures. I can see lots of lovely days out with this toy. It also got a lot of attention when we were out, so many kids would love one of these.

kettler-go-kart-6 kettler-go-kart-7

Even Berkley the Hearing Dog for the Deaf puppy loved following them around!


A go kart would make a great birthday/Christmas present for a child of any age.

Go karts are such a traditional toy which is never going to go out of fashion. The go kart is of such good quality I am planning on keeping this for my kids to play with and then my grandchildren to play with when they visit us, I am sure it will last that long!

They come with a 3 year warranty and made in Germany.

The Kettler Nitro Extreme is priced at £249 you can find a local retailer on their website

*Kettler sent this go kart for the purpose of this review but all opinions are of my own and honest.

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  1. Amy Squires Reply

    This looks awesome! My boys would love one of these and with birthdays coming up I guess I should look into what I’m getting them

  2. Wow, my kids would adore this. A few of their friends have go karts and they all jump on and take turns. Great fun. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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  4. I’d been looking at these a while back as a possibility for N. He’s love one, but we only have gravel on the farm. I’m hoping he’ll get the handmedown from his older cousins, although it’ll be 5th hand by the time we get it. Let’s hope it’s still in working order.

    • This one is such good quality I can imagine it will be passed on with no problems. All the kids love it so much!

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