I’m really excited to bring this competition to my blog for you guys! At the end of 2015 my son Tyler at the young age of 11 was giving the chance to drive a car! He had a Young Driver experience, and got the chance to drive a proper car around a replica road, with junctions, roundabouts, and road signs to learn. 

The Young Driver experience is a one-to-one with a fully qualified driving instructor, who taught him how to start the car, braking, turning and simple junctions. He loved every minute of it! Young Driver are now using brand new Vauxhall cars, all fitted with dual controls. These cars are easy to drive and regularly top the charts as one of the best and most popular cars to learn in from both an instructor and learner perspective.

Go and check out my full review here, but here is a little video of his experience I made at the time too. 

The experience is valid at 43 venues across the UK, so have a look on the map to see if you have a venue near you. 

So do you fancy being in with a chance to winning a 30 minute Young Driver experience? I have FIVE opportunities to win a voucher, so enter using Rafflecopter below to be in with a chance. 

Please take a read of the fine print of the voucher, to make sure you qualify, and the voucher suits. 

*Thanks to Buyagift.com for providing this competition prize, Buyagift is the leading provider of gift experiences in the UK and with over 4,500 options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect gift! 


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  1. Marina Parry Owen Reply

    I can go places. We live in a rural area where we haven’t got a regular bus service so if I didn’t drive we would struggle to travel anywhere. Driving has given me the independence to go places and to take the kids backwards and forwards to swimming lessons, footie training, ballet and disco lessons. In other words I’m Mum’s Taxi.

  2. Mike Salisbury Reply

    Best thing about driving is the freedom to explore new places on a whim

  3. I love driving along with the windows open. It’s nice to have the freedom to get around

  4. I am not restricted by lack of public transport, my own car gives me more choices.

  5. Kelly E Hirst Reply

    The best thing about driving a car is not having to struggle onto a bus with all my shopping

  6. Theresa Thomas Reply

    The freedom and independence it gives me, I can go where I like

  7. getting wherever you need to in comfort, privacy and without all the waiting around that goes with public transport

  8. Nicola Andrijauskas Reply

    lol! I don’t like driving, so there’s no best thing. But my 12 year old is very keen and can’t wait to be able to drive!!

  9. Alison Johnson Reply

    The freedom. I have driven all around the country, seen lots of wonderful places & visited lots of fascinating buildings. I like being able to just jump in my car, fill up with fuel (check my tyres :)) & go anywhere.

  10. I’m a real bad back seat driver so much prefer to be in the driving seat

  11. Lucy Chester Reply

    I love listening to music and enjoy driving and getting their quickly (when no traffic)

  12. Suzanne Gaulton Reply

    The best thing for me is the convenience of being able to get anywhere, anytime – especially the 180 miles back to see my family!

  13. Juanita Powers Reply

    Best thing is to be able to get to places even when its raining and you can be dry, nothing worse than waiting in the rain for a train with bags of christmas shopping in tow

  14. Katie Robertson Reply

    unfortunately I don’t drive but I would love the freedom of not having to rely on public transport.

  15. Angie McDonald Reply

    The pure freedom of being able to take yourself wherever you want to go

  16. Lindsey Smith Reply

    Being able to sing at the top of your voice and nobody can hear you!

  17. joanne casey Reply

    I’ve driven since I was 17 and it’s definitely the independence that’s the best thing, I want both my children to drive as soon as they are able to

  18. frances hopkins Reply

    I love it that I can go anywhere I want! Especially going on the Eurotunnel and driving into Europe

  19. Julie Kenny Reply

    I love the freedom driving gives me – just to jump in the car and away you go x

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