I love my photos, I love the memories that you think of when you look at them or the stories they tell.

Our wedding photos were so important to us, the day goes so quickly and is all a blur.

The wedding photo that we choose as our large framed image summed up our wedding, it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste as it isn’t your traditional image but we love it!

We had our wedding late in the day so we could fill the room with low lighting, candles, wore fluffy coats and in a water mill – Sopley water mill.


Our wedding picture is so important to us so it got me thinking about my family and their wedding pictures.

I wanted to have a collection of my families wedding photos and to create a family wedding photo wall but how could I bring them all together?

Our family life is only happening because of different sets of people coming together before us, they created their own lives and families, who then go onto create more families.

I created a family wedding photo wall, I surrounded our wedding photo with all the people who made our family happen.

Without these people we wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t have created our wonderful family.


Hubby’s Grandparents from his Dad’s side


My Grandparents from my Dad’s side


My Grandparents from my Mum’s side


Hubby’s Parents


My Parents


I love seeing the clothes, flowers, outfits and who looks like who!

My sister got this made for me when we got married so we have popped it up too, it’s also handy for remembering the date!!


I love my wedding family photo wall, every person who comes to my house loves looking at it too.




  1. Oh wow, this is such a wonderful idea! I’d love to do something similar once me and the other half finally get hitched! Though I don’t have grandparents, he adored his, and we want to name our future daughter Lily after his grandma. Has a great layout too!

    Off to follow on Bloglovin!
    – Nin xx

    • Ah my daughter is called Lily too, my grandmother was called that too. Beautiful name.

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