Over the 9 years of being a Mummy I haven’t done very well at the Easter fun and Easter egg hunts, well it was all change this year!

I have found blogging and Pinterest!!

I wanted to make an Easter egg hunt around the house for the children to wake up to on Easter Sunday.

Saturday night I hunted on Pinterest and found lots of clue ideas, have a look on my Pinterest board for all my ideas.

We set them up around the house and got woken at 7:15am with S spotting the first clue on the bathroom door!!

Under each picture is the Easter egg hunt clue that was there telling them where they could find their next clue.

They loved it and I will be doing it again, next year I will give myself more time and I will do it bigger and better!

So off we went………..the first clue of our Easter egg hunt said

The bells are ringing for Easter day, but where is your chocolate hidden away?

Look on a step or look on a stair and see whats waiting for you there’







Tip: The washing machine is a great place to hide the chocolate if you have pets! Rusty couldn’t get to these chocolate bunnies!


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