During our holiday in Copenhagen, we visited Copenhagen Zoo. With easy access via the metro and bus, we found it pretty easily. Helped by the huge tower situated in the zoo, with a large zoo sign up the top of the tower! 

As we had purchased a Copenhagen Card, the zoo was included, so we got free entry. We had a great day out, saw so many animals up close, and was a great experience for us all.

The one big reason why we visited Copenhagen Zoo was to see the Polar Bear! The zoo’s in England don’t have a Polar Bear, so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. What an experience! 

After we had seen him above the water, you could then view him from under the water from a large viewing area. 

However we then went under a glass tunnel, this was amazing as the Polar Bear was swimming over our heads, and placing his super large paws on the glass!

So after our amazing Polar Bear experience, we headed further around the Zoo. It is a large zoo, but I did find the enclosures was a little on the small size. Although I am use to our local Zoo, and Longleat which has large open spaces, with fields for each set of animals to explore.  

Dotted around the zoo are little play areas, and picnic tables. We took along a little picnic to eat, so I cannot say what the food there was like. We sat and ate our lunch next to the brown bears, and Tylers favourite animal, the wolves! 

As my children are getting older, they are enjoying learning about the animals. Each animal area had information about the animals, which they enjoyed reading and came away with lots of new knowledge. 

There was also a rain forest section with snakes, frogs, butterflies, crocodiles and at the end monkeys. 

Copenhagen Zoo even goes over to the other side of the road! There is an underground walkway that takes you over to the African zone, and the childrens farmyard.

Over this side the kids could play with the goats, fuss lots of animals, and hide in the bunny area!

We went to this side near the end of the day, so there wasn’t much going on over here. However throughout the day there are talks, and handling sessions. Take a look at the board near the entrance to see whats going on that day.

On this side was the African area too, with Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos and Meerkats. This was a much larger area, with a raised walkway to be able to view the animals from up higher. This is helpful for the Giraffes! 

We finished up our day in the gift shop! The kids love to buy teddies, so picked out their favourite animal from the day and a little teddy to match. 

Looking at visiting Copenhagen, then have a look at our day out at Copenhagen Zoo. We had a family day out together, and the highlight of Copenhagen Zoo was seeing the Polar Bear


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  1. Copenhagen Zoo looks fantastic! My two love visiting anywhere like this. We go to about 10 different zoos/farms/wildlife parks a year! LOL

    Louise x

    • It is just a perfect day out for kids isn’t it, mine love seeing different animals

    • Yes I haven’t heard of them over here, maybe as it gets much colder over there than here

  2. Michelle Murray Reply

    Its been such a long time since I visited a zoo. I love animals and its such a great day out. This zoo looks amazing.

    • We hadn’t been to one for a couple of years, so was nice to get up close to lots of different animals

  3. Nice to be able to see something different. Been years since I have been to a zoo, about 1983 was the last time. I do remember polar bears in the zoo in Berlin back in the early 70’s but their display cage was nothing like this. How amazing to get to nearly touch them.
    The picture of your daughter with the butterfly is beautiful. The baby elephant is so cute. #countrykids

  4. I absolutely adore zoos and it looks like they have such an amazing range of animals at this one. It just always makes me so sad when zoos don’t have much space for the animals to roam. Like you said, Longleat is so, so good for that. I feel so sorry for that polar bear and those lions for being in such a small enclosure. But it really does look like such a great day out. I would LOVE to see a polar bear up close and the butterfly enclosure looks so pretty. xx

    • Yes I think I have been spoilt with Longleat, the animals get a huge amount of space. It was very special to see the Polar Bears up close

  5. Ah this bring back memories! We visit Copenhagen Zoo when my daughter was a toddler and it was really fab we especially loved the penguins!

  6. Copenhagen zoo looks like such a fantastic day out, so many unusual animals. I bet it was amazing walking under the glass tunnel with the Polar Bear above you, the kids must have been in awe at the size of those paws! It certainly looks like a huge zoo with plenty of space for the kids to enjoy running around and spotting the wide range of animals they had there!

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  7. I love polar bears too! That photo of your hand against his big paw by the window is amazing. Never been to Copenhagen, but would love to visit too especially since they have polar bears in their zoo 😉

    • We had such a lovely time in Copenhagen, but the Polar Bear will be something we will remember

  8. That polar bear is just astounding. There used to be polar bears at our local zoo when I was little, but I can ‘bearly’ (sorry!) remember, so now I want to go to Copenhagen!

  9. I LOVE going to the zoo but that photo with the polar bear paw is something else! Such a great experience for you to have!

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