How much of your local area do you really explore? This has been a focus of ours recently, to find places that are local to us and hope my local readers of my blog love them enough to want to explore too. It still surprises me that there are so many new places we haven’t found, I have lived in this area my whole life!! 

So last weekends visit was to Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort near Stockbridge. They think that the fort was built 2500 years ago, and occupied for nearly 500 years. Approximately about 300-400 people lived here, protecting livestock and grain from attacks.  Attacking them by hurling sling stones, and warriors fought with swords! Pretty amazing to think of that isn’t it. 

You can find out more history about Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort on the Hampshire County Council website 

This is a great place to take the children. The fort has the ring of ramparts all around which they loved running up and down them. Seeing who could get to the top first then walking around the top edge. 

The views are lovely up here. I think we were on a little area of good weather that day! As we were walking we kept seeing large dark clouds of rain, and when we got home it had been hailing! It was beautiful up there. 

Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort 

When you arrive there are two car parks, one at the bottom of the hill which you can park in for a longer walk. Good for dog walking as there is a large dog field which you can let the dogs off its lead. Within the actual fort you are meant to keep your dog on the lead and use the large open field to let them off. There are some ponies in the fort fields , much to my daughters delight! 

If you park in the 2nd car park it’s up the hill. There are toilets here and a gate through to the fort. 

You can climb up to the trig point to see the views across, pretty nice views don’t you think. 

From here you can walk into the actual fort area with the ramparts to climb. 

In the middle is an outline of a little house, this is great for the kids to visually understand the little houses they lived in. 

We carried walking along the edges of the hill fort. It isn’t a long walk and we took it pretty slowly, so really good for kids and younger kids. 

Of course no walk for us would be right without a hot drink and a sit down!

We took Gus into the dog exercise field for a good run around which also extended the walk. 

Take a look at the Hampshire County Council website for directions and more information on Danebury Iron Age Fort. It is a great walk for kids and families. 

Family walks. Here is a great family walking in hampshire. Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort is a great walk with kids. The can climb up and down the ramparts but it's a nice short circular walk

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  1. I am so jealous of your local adventures as I havenโ€™t done any since end of November 2017 and need to start again. This looks like a great place to visit with the family and the views are great

  2. Great call to discover new within old and local area! Alain de Botton,, one of my favourite contemporary philosophers has some great writes about the Art of Travel, including looking at familiar things with different eyes or just exploring them differently- travelling afterall is a state of mind! Nice landscapes, we are looking forward to spring and exploring again thegorgeous English countryside! #countrykids

    • Thank you, I will look into him. Will be so nice to get some warm weather and flowers start appearing too.

  3. You have taken some really lovely photos, and what a fabulous place to take the kids and blow off some steam! Although I live in Hampshire (just on the Hants/Surrey border!), I think it might be a little bit too far away for us to justify going there…unless maybe if we were on our way back from the coast or something! #CountryKids

    • Oh yes it was about 1hr 25mins from us and we’re near Southampton. Dorest is a lovely place to holiday in! Thank you

  4. I love places like this that resonate with the past and have a special atmosphere. It’s great to have the opportunity to combine a little historical education with lots of fresh air to tire the kids out!

    • Yep my son has taken History GCSE so it’s good for him to visit these places as well as fun

  5. What a perfect walk to enjoy as a family. I love that there is so much history and even the outline of a house to bring things into perspective for the kids. With gorgeous views and all those hills to run free it has the makings of a perfect afternoon out. The council sound like they have planned things well to help you enjoy your visit with a toilet, dog exercise field and parking. Definitely a good recommendation.

    Thank you for sharing your visit on #CountryKids

  6. How lucky of you to have this gorgeous place near you! And rich in history too!

    Like you I try to know that area around us. I have to admit that there are still some places where we need to go. I am looking forward to explore more in the future =)


    • I don’t think you can ever find everywhere to visit near you. So many little places to go

  7. I love days out like this and we have something similar near us. The kids adore running up and down the hills

  8. I really enjoy walking and can’t wait for my toddler to join me on long ones. This looks like a great place, and so interesting.

  9. One of our favourite family activities is to go for a walk and the views on this one look incredible ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So lovely aren’t they, you can’t help but stop and take them all in. Would be peaceful without the kids!!

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