How many of you have husbands out there who drop all their face shavings when they shave??

Yes I have one of those!

When we did our bathroom renovation we never installed a mirror in the bathroom, there is however one out on the landing so he goes out there to shave.

This bugs me soooo much as the shavings fall onto the floor…….grrrr

As a Valuelights ambassador I was sent a Chrome LED magnifying mirror to review, at last hubby can shave whilst standing over the sink.


Why did I not get one of these before now?!

It fits nicely on the window sil as it is only 280mm high and 180mm wide

It does feel quite cheap in quality but it is only priced at £19.99 and at time of writing £14.99 in sale (free delivery) so you are not going to get high quality product.

What is great about this product you can turn on an illuminating ring around the mirror, this helps light up your face. This is great for hubby to shave into but also is great for applying your make up.

It takes 3 AA batteries in the base which are not supplied.


There are two sides to this mirror, one normal mirror and one magnifying mirror. Again this is great for applying make up and being able to see clearly.


Overall for the price you pay and the fact that I don’t get shavings everywhere I think this is a nice little addition to my bathroom.

*I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, however all words are honest and of my own.

Family Fever


    • So annoying isn’t it! Hubby does clean the sink but not the floor, so I am happy it is landing in the sink!

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