Books We Love This Month – April

Are you always stuck for ideas on what kids books you could suggest for them to read? Or just looking for new ideas?

My kids are aged 7-12 yrs, but I don’t make them read a certain age group of books, I allow and think it is very important that they can pick up any book they want, as long as they are reading and enjoying it. That is all that matters.

I got my children to write the reviews themselves, as I thought the book would be read by children, so why not let them tell you what they think. I left them to pick the books they wanted to tell you about, so some are from the library, books we already owned or new ones. They also love that they’re contributing to my blog with me too.

A Squash and a Squeeze – Sofia (7)

A Squash and a Squeeze is a really good book. I like it when daddy read’s it because when he get’s up to when it says’s ‘Squash and a Squeeze’ he say’s a really funny voice! The woman complained that her house was to small and a wise man helped her. I liked It because it is funny and when the lady says “Take in my pig? what a curious plan.”I would

Rate this book 20/20!

 The Magical World of Amy Lee – Lily (7)

I love all the illustration’s also the puzzle’s, make your own creation’s and draw the thing’s yourself. My favorite part was when you had a graph of her dog’s personalities. It ask you normal questions and would you rather questions. I turned out to be Luna! What it said was ‘you’re a flower child just like Luna(Amy’s dog)! You’re relaxed and kind and you love being outside’. I brought it with a book voucher (a present) at the book shop. With all my hard time completing it, and also all the learning I’ve made and the FUN also laughter I’ve had. I would defiantly give it 20 out of 20! It is so AMAZING TO DO! 🙂

The Colour Of Magic – Tyler (12)

I have recently read The colour of magic by Terry Pratchett, this is a really nice book for older audiences which goes into the different world’s of the universe and people strive to find the gender of a giant turtle!

I think I can get a bit confusing as It starts off with a wizard reading a story in the midst of flames to some accomplice’s  but I was not sure when It came out of that story and into real time.

I do recommend this book to anyone who wants a reading challenge as some words are quite hard. But if you do have this book then make sure to pick up the other’s in the series as it leaves you on a bit of a cliff hanger

*My Fairy Tale Books – Steph (Mum)

I am a sucker for a good kids book, and when they come personalised I love them even more! For children to love books, they must be excited to read them, to capture their imagination, and a reason for them to carry on reading.

If you were given a chance to read a book that was all about you, wouldn’t you be excited to read it?!

My twins were sent a personalised book each from My Fairy Tale Books, they stock a large range of personalised books for children, and a great choice of stories.

We received  2 books to review, Goodnight Little Me and Princess Personalised Book. Both of these were priced at £19.95 each, which I think is very good value, considering they are personalised and printed to order.

Ordering was very simple, I just popped in my details that were required on the website, uploaded a photo of them, age, details and a message at the front. This is so nice if you were giving this item as a gift.

The delivery was super fast, and the packaging…..well I have never seen something so well packaged. I was very impressed, shrink wrapped layers, foam and in the cardboard. Which meant they were both perfect when they arrived.

As soon as my girls got home from school they spotted these sat waiting for them, they rushed over and sat on the sofa and read them all the way through. They didn’t stop, which is a sign of a good book! Their little faces lit up when they spotted their names in the story too.

In their new bedroom, we have made getting access to their books a lot easier. They can see what books they have clearly, and a lower shelf for books they are reading currently, or their favourites. I can 100% tell you that the My Fairy Tale Books have been on this lower shelf to pick up and read very often!

I have been enjoying snuggling up in their beds too, and reading these books to them. My favourite part in the Princess personalised book, is the section where I could write some personality traits about Lily. Then this is written in a letter within the story.

It has a palace with the same surname, and you can choose the name of the horse for Princess Lily too. This is Lily’s favourite part!

Sofias Goodnight Little Me book, is filled with beautiful illustrations which include her name within them. A soft story which makes a wonderful bedtime story. You can add in the message and photo at the start too, this would be a lovely new baby present to keep forever.

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  1. We love personalised books too. When the children recognise their names, their little faces light up! I love that.

  2. Lorraine Stone Reply

    LOVE this idea and all the titles look great. Have chosen this one It’s Fancy to Be Me Personalised Book

  3. I think I would have to choose the Paw Patrol book or my niece would never forgive me hehe.

  4. We love personalised books Blake has quite a few which we love. The goodnight little Sofia one looks really good.

  5. Tracy Newton Reply

    My son would love to read the My Very Own World Adventure Storybook

  6. Gemma Bailey Reply

    Princess personalised book looks perfect for my little princess please

  7. Hannah Scudder Reply

    I would choose the My Very Happy Birthday Book for Boys, would be perfect for my nephew’s first birthday.

  8. My little fella would love the ‘My Very Own World Adventure Storybook’ thanks. x

  9. I would choose Who loves me? It looks such a sweet story book and love that its personal x

  10. Totally agree that you should let kids choose their own reading material. A head teacher at the kids’ primary school once said it doesnt matter what they are reading – comics, magazines, cartoon strips etc… just that they are reading. I always remember that.

  11. Leanne Newsome Reply

    I would pick 1-2-3 Blast Off With Me Personalized Book for my son

  12. Lorna Ledger Reply

    The link did not work 🙁 I would hopefully pick a dinosaur book for my nephew x

  13. My Very Happy Birthday Book for Girls for my daughter Sophia’s Birthday

  14. Lovely selection of books. My eldest loves youtube gamers and would love that Amy Lee book and I have fond memories of my first time reading Terry Pratchett books. The personalised books look lovely too.

  15. If i was lucky to win i would chose My Very Own Fairy Tale Storybook.

  16. jo liddement Reply

    My Little Book of Blessings has some beautiful poems and i would choose this one if i was to win.

  17. I would choose ‘my snuggle bunny’ for my daughter Jessica because I think she’d love it x

  18. The Goodnight Little Me book. We love bedtime stories and that one looks absolutely gorgeous!

  19. Emma Louise Elliott Reply

    I’d choose monkey puzzle, as my daughters a little monkey xxx

  20. ‘Who loves me’ look so bery special. I love them all though so it’s hard to choose. Personalised books are so special to any child 🙂

  21. Simon Keeping Reply

    I would choose PAW Patrol: My Pup Adventure Personalized Book as my little girl is a big Paw Patrol fan.

  22. Would love the princess book as think that’s the one my daughter would most enjoy being personalised with her name

  23. My Very Own World Adventure Storybook looks brill. Really great site.

  24. I’d choose My Very Own World Adventure Storybook for my little cousin Amelia

  25. I’d choose a personalised book as it makes it that little more special

  26. We are all book addicts in our home and all of us are regularly to be found with our head in a book! I would love the God Loves You! book for my baby nephew who is being Christened next month.

  27. What a great idea to get my little girl interested in reading a bit more! I would choose a Disney classic story book….actually anything Frozen, even if I don’t win, this will be going on the bday/xmas list this year

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