Nana was down for a few days during the Easter holidays, so we had a sunny day to fill. I decided that we would take her somewhere different for a walk. When Kev was a child, he would have a holiday in The New Forest every summer, he has fond memories of playing around the campsite. Then his Dad driving around the country roads trying to find a pub he liked the look of to stop off for a drink in the pub gardens! 

So with this in mind we headed off to Bolderwood, which has the famous herd of Fallow Deer here too. 

Bolderwood has a good sized car park, but it does get very busy. Every time we have visited it always has an ice cream van there too! With toilets, and an information centre, you can chat to the guides about the deers and the area. 

There are a few options on what path you can take around Bolderwood. They are all signed posted, and clearly marked. They aren’t long walks either, so nice for little legs. 

Currently they have a Gruffalo trail on, the kids can follow the trail to find the Gruffalo, and his friends along the way. This is such a lovely kids book, I am sure the little ones will love finding him!

We headed over to the Deer lookout, where you could see the herd of Deers. 

Bring some binoculars and you could get a good look at them up close then. They have some information for you to read about them, and we happily watched them for a good 5 minutes. Then the kids were keen to get running around!

It is such a lovely open to space to explore, and I loved the dens that people had made and were still left for others to hide in. As a parent I love this woods, as it was really large but very open. So they kids could have the freedom of running around, but I could see them well. 

Of course a fallen tree provides a great climbing frame!

Bolderwood does allow you to bring your dogs with you, but they must stay on lead around the trails. 

The kids bought along their walkie talkies, which provided great entertainment! 

Bolderwood is a perfect place to stop for a picnic, there are picnic benches, BBQ areas and a large field for you to lay your picnic rug on. However be aware of the ponies!! 

Parking was a suggested donation of £2 (I think!) we happily paid it. 

Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary in The New Forest is a perfect place to visit for a picnic and run around the forest. With a herd of Fallow deer to spot too. It is very peaceful and a perfect picnic spot in Hampshire


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    • Yes your right, it’s perfect length for them. Along with finding a Gruffalo too!

  1. I’ve not heard of bolderwood before but we’ve been a bit obsessed with deer recently after seeing some in Scotland. I love woods as a place for kids to explore and den building is just a right of passage right!!? #countrykids

  2. Oooh this looks like an amazing day out! Especially with the Gruffalo trail too. We haven’t explored much of the New Forest area but hopefully when we eventually buy our tent we can take some camping holidays down that way and properly have fun.

    • Oh the New Forest is GREAT for camping, there are so many places to camp there!

  3. I’ve heard of Bolderwod but never been there. We love deer though and are down that way on holiday in July, so a visit may be in order. Thanks, Mich x

    • Oh yes that would be a lovely place to visit whilst on holiday. Have a good holiday!

  4. Such a beautiful spot for families to enjoy and wonderful to spot the deer passing through too. I love the idea of natural play through the fallen trees and a few carefully placed dens. What a great place for a day out with a picnic, though I imagine those picnic tables are hard to come by on a lovely summers day. Was that the Gruffalo trail with the app? It makes such fun photos.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #Country Kids

    • Yes will be! However I didn’t picture it, but there is a large field opposite with plenty of space to place your picnic rug.

    • Oh you must stop off at The New Forest sometime in the future, so many place to explore. The kids love the New Forest Ponies dotted around!

    • Thanks, a good family spot, always is when an ice cream van is there too!

  5. Bolderwood looks fantastic! We’d love to roam around here. We’ll have to make an effort to visit as it’s near us x #CountryKids

    • I make a list of place to visit when I spot them, then when were stuck on where to go, I can consult the list!!

  6. What a perfect way to spend a day with the family. I am sure the kids had fun exploring and playing with talkie talkies

    • Yes they haven’t played with them for ages, and dug them out but they had great fun with them!

  7. WE love visiting Bolderwood and watching the deer – the best time to see them is at feeding time as they come really close

    • Oh what time is that? I will have to make sure we visit when they are feeding then! Thanks for the tip

  8. We went here a couple of weeks ago! We loved it, we saw the deer and went on the Gruffalo trail! Also the road leading to the car park is stunning x

    • Ah glad you’ve been before! The whole of The New Forest is stunning isn’t it. Such a peaceful part of the country

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