When I came across this garden sprinkler and water toy I knew that I needed to order it!!

It looked the best water garden toy for kids,  I am not sure if it is meant to be a garden water toy but I think it is perfect for it!

It is so unpredictable which makes it even more fun to play with and chase, it flies around in every direction so the children never know if they are going to be caught!

This short video shows it in action!

Best garden sprinkler and water toy for kids

It is really easy to set up, I have an adapter that clips the hose onto a hand held waster gun so this was really easy to attach it onto the sprinkler.

There is a foot plate to press the spike into the ground and off you go!

You don’t need to turn it on very much to get the distance on it!!

ALSO it’s meant to be good for watering your plants too!!

You can purchase one through Amazon


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