About Me

About Me

First off, thanks for visiting my blog, I really do appreciate each and every reader who visits my little piece of the internet! So as you’re on this page you must want to find out a little bit more about who I am, and my little tribe!

My name is Stephanie, though most people call me Steph. I am based in Southampton, Hampshire with my family, husband Kev, son Tyler (14), and the biggest surprises of my life… my twin girls, Lily and Sofia (9). We have also welcomed a new puppy to our home in August 2016, Gus the Goldendoodle who is my little companion.

I love creating YouTube videos and created a channel trailer to introduce us! 

Why I started blogging 

I started Renovation Bay-Bee early in 2013 when we had recently purchased a 1960’s timewarp house.  It’s a really solid, well looked after house but very retro. We picked it for the location, garden space and schools and have been turning it into our family home ever since then. The difference is, we (well, I come up with the ideas and styling and my husband creates it!) do most of it ourselves. So you won’t find high end luxury items in our designs, but you WILL find practical, family orientated designs and budget friendly projects on my blog.

Whilst renovating our home I have found that I have a love for interiors and to be perfectly honest with you I need a much bigger house and a huge money pot to be able properly indulge in this love! But I love showing you how you can bring ideas for your home to life and how I make them work for my home.

My favorite project to date has to be our kitchen, we did everything ourselves apart from calling on the expert services of an electrician and plasterer.


Why Renovation Bay-Bee

I came up with the name of Renovation Bay-Bee because we had taken on the renovation of our new home, but I had also reached a point in my life where I wanted to make some major life changes. So with that in mind, the renovation not only of our new home but our family lifestyle, experiences, and how we lived our life together. I want to show the children different places, things they can achieve and to learn life skills by being outdoors and experiencing the (what is still a pretty amazing) world around them.

I want to show you how we live our life; from the places to visit on days out, holidays and what type of experiences I want to show my children. At the same time I hope I can show you new places to visit, foods to try and ideas to help your home become a family home too.


Contact Me

Please see my contact me page, drop me an e-mail at [email protected] and feel free to follow me on my social media channels, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Work With Me

I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with some amazing companies and brands. I love collaborating with brands as each company has a different twist on the work they produce, and I love the challenge of coming up with interesting posts! 

As a family we love working together on opportunities and when the children get involved it makes for some great fun! Kids are honest, and mine love to experience new things. 

So if you’re interested in working with me then please see my ‘Work With Me‘ page for further information.

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