I haven’t taken part in one of these blog post before, but I think they are quite good fun. So here goes, and I hope you like it! 

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A to Z ‘All the Things You Don’t Know About Me’

A is for Auto Immune – I’m currently trying to figure out with the hospital if I have an Auto Immune problem. I suffer from joint issues, and various other little niggles. However they are struggling as I don’t react very well to medicines, and it is a bit of a jigsaw to put together and figure out what is up. 

B is for Blogger – I have been blogging for over 3 years now, and I really do enjoy it. I love being able to share our days out, and things we are doing around the house. I love it when people find new places to visit because they have spotted it on my blog! 

C is for Car – I didn’t learn to drive until I was 21, I passed my test 1st time, and 2 days before my 22nd birthday. I use to drive a Toyota Yaris, and we fitted so much in that car! Tyler who was 2 and a big dog in the boot! When we got a big car, my dog hated the huge boot he finally had! 

D is for Dog – This one is pretty obvious for me, but I love dogs. I had a Golden Retriever when I was a child (until about 5). Then my parents wouldn’t get another dog after that. I spent 3 years volunteering with the Hearing Dogs for The Deaf, and socialising puppies. It was very rewarding, but as a family we found it very hard to hand them back. So now we have Gus, the Goldendoodle, who we love very much. If you follow me on Instagram he features on there quite a bit! 

E is for Eager – My Husband came up with this one! I don’t have much patience, and I would love to do everything straight away! I struggle to stay focused on one thing at a time! Since meeting my Husband who is very laid back, although he wouldn’t do anything if it wasn’t for me…..I have slowed down quite a bit. He has balanced me out, but I am the driving force in our relationship and I get him doing stuff!

F is for Food – For our wedding we could choose whatever we wanted for the dinner. So I picked my favourite dinner, Roast Beef! 

G is for Gus – I picked the name Gus for my dog because I love Disney films, and there is the most adorable mouse in Cinderella. When Gus was a puppy he was so big and chunky, and really dopey. This is just how the mouse was in Cinderella! 

H is for Hampshire – I have lived in Hampshire my whole life. I grew up in the same house until I moved out at 18. My parents still live in the same house! We love living here, we have cities, beaches, woods, and The New Forest. We are able to drive easily to places we want to get to, and we are really happy here. 

I is for Internet – I met my Husband Kev on the Internet! It was before dating websites etc, but just a chat room. I got chatting to him, and we spent 6 months talking to each other for hours everyday! We got on so well, and I didn’t even know who he was. I find it funny to think “what if I hadn’t message him that day”? Where would life be now?! 

J is for Jumpers – Part of this Auto Immune thing, means I suffer from Raynards, and I get very cold. My fingers and toes go white when they get slightly cold! So I try to stay warm.

K is for Kind Hearted –  Again hubby came up with this one, he says I am kind hearted and I always try to be thoughtful to other people. My friends and family are important to me, and I try to think of things they would love to receive as presents. Go that extra mile for them, and thoughtful gestures.

L is for Lily – Lily is one of my daughters names, but there is a story behind it. I always wanted to call my daughter Lily-May, Lily was the name of my Grandma (who I never met) but it was only when I spoke to my Mum and said I love the name Lily-May, did I find out that my Grandmas middle name was May! However when I found out that I was having twins, we decided we couldn’t have twins with double barred names. It would be too much of a mouthful to call out! So I dropped the May. 

M is for Morning – I am NOT a morning person! I am terrible for hitting the snooze button, and going back to sleep for a few more minutes! 

N is for Nurse – I always wanted to be a nurse, and when I left college I went onto university to train to be a childrens nurse. I loved being on the wards, and spent 8 weeks placement on a childrens ward. I loved it so much, and got fantastic grades. I looked after this little baby called Tyler (now my son’s name!) who had arrived very premature. He had the most loveliest smile, and I was able to care for him, and look after him and make his experience in hospital just that little bit nicer. After the 8 weeks I was gutted to be leaving him. I wonder how he is now? He would be 14 now. I never made it as a nurse though, I’m not very good at exams, and flunked the exams in year 1 of uni. I was gutted as the practical side of being a nurse I passed with flying colours. 

O is for organised – I try my best to be organised, and sometimes I think I’ve got this, and then other times I feel like I am all over the place! I keep buying things that will help with it, or signing up to free courses to help me!! I feel much happier when I am organised. 

P is for Pre-eclampsia – At 33 weeks pregnant with Tyler I took a routine visit to the midwife, only to find myself being sent straight to hospital and being admitted with Pre-eclampsia. It was a big shock, it was my first baby and I was pretty poorly. I spent the next 2 weeks in hospital being monitored, and scanned. Tyler was born at 36+6, perfectly healthy and safe. 

Q is for Quick to React – I have inherited my Dads firery side! I am very quick to react to stuff, and get annoyed easily!! It isn’t something I like, so have tried very hard to calm this. I am so much better than I was in my teens/20’s! 

R is for Renovation Bay-Bee The name of my blog came from a business I had. It was called Bay-Bee and I worked together with other Mums who made things, and I sold them all in one place on my website. 

S is for Siblings – I have 1 sibling, a Sister who is 13years older than me. This age gap wasn’t by choice, my Mum was poorly in between us, and it damaged her tubes. She was given a 5% chance of falling pregnant, so gave up hope. Then one day I obviously made it through the gap, and here I am!! 

T is for Twins – T has to be for Twins, I have Lily and Sofia who are identical twins. Nope, I had no clue I would fall pregnant with twins, there are no twins in our family….however as I say to people, Identical twins can happen to anyone, they are a fluke! 

U is for USA – When I was 17 I visited America with my then boyfriend and his family. It was a big adventure, and great fun! 

V is for Vegetable growing – I tried growing vegetables once, and I found it such a hassle!!! 

W is for Wiltshire – You have heard about how me and hubby met, well he lived in Wiltshire at the time! Once we started going out together he would drive about 60miles (120 there and back!) to see me for a few hours about 3 times a week! Sometimes in between a night shift!! 

X is for X-Rays – I have had x-rays on my spine, hands, and feet. 

Y is for Youtube – I love watching YouTube videos, and my favourite  YouTubers are The Michalaks Every Sunday morning the upload a video, and his filming is just amazing! 

Z is for Zzzzzzz – I LOVE my sleep! 

Thanks for reading all about me! 

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  1. Wow you did well finding something for every letter of the alphabet I think I would struggle. I’m am not too bad in the mornings once I’m up you can’t stop me.

    • I did struggle with some, you should have heard some of the suggestions from my kids!

    • Oh it is so easy to lose your confidence with driving, there are certain places I hate driving!

  2. I love finding out more about the writers and bloggers I follow and what an interesting way to share some facts about you.

  3. This is a great way to find out more about the people behind the blog! I am definitely a morning person but not always as early as the kids would like! I hope you get your auto immune/health issues sorted soon.

    • Ah never give up hope, there is someone for everyone out there, usually just when you least expect it

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